Reincarnation of Peace

by Big "D", 26/6/80

When I look upon your shore
I cannot help but feel a thrill
Unpolluted and still quite raw
You dictate the terms, you have the will

Lofty mountains that rise from the ice
Rugged and brown, a majestic sight
Blizzards and wind and drift and snow
Unleashing your power, a spectacular show

You are so quick to harbour a bird
A petrel, a penguin, a skua or three
Nature is yours, you are so proud
To provide a home, to all who are free

A spectrum of beauty I do conceive
You are so different, I do believe
A magic country, an island state
So significant you hold my fate

You have reservations about the new stock
Who are endeavouring to harness your soul
Invaders and plunderers they all do flock
They come to your shores, pursuing their goal

Before you do judge them, before you lay blame
Remember that you are unique on this earth
In providing a venue where harmony reigns
You are my hope; through you my re-birth.