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Weather Summary for July


Mean maximum temperature -10.9 (Av to 80 -15.2)
Mean minimum temperature -17.7 (Av to 80 -20.4)
Mean temperature (mean of max+min) -14.3
Highest maximum temperature -05.0 (8th 16th)
Lowest minimum temperature -25.0 (13th)


Highest maximum gust (Kts/Kph) SE/095/176.1 (1322 lst 26th)
Mean wind speed for month (Kts/Kph) 25.8/47.8
Total wind run for month (Km.) 35562 (Av to 80 29943)
Number of days of strong wind 26
Number of days of gale force wind 13


Total sunshine for month 31.0 Hrs (Av to 80 16.4 Hrs)
Mean daily duration of sunshine 01.0 Hrs
Maximum daily duration of sunshine 05.0 Hrs (31st)


Highest station level pressure 1001.6 Mbs (23rd)
Lowest station level pressure 963.1 Mbs (16th)


No. of days of falling snow 00
No. of days of drifting snow 05
No. of days of blizzard 03
No. of days of fog 00
No. of days of rain 00


The wind run is the fourth highest to 1976 (40918 Kms). Sunshine data is a record (Note the sunshine recorder was repositioned this year). The mean maximum temperature was a record also. In conclusion a warm month indeed.