The world of a glosterbreeder


Hello, my name is Luc Koenders, married with Ada and father of three children, Rick, Elianne and Twan.

Why, this canarysite?

You say, there are enough, look by Links and you find our two most important ally and my family, but with this site I wanna show you the enjoyment of my hobby as glosterbreeder that you won't see on a another canarysite. My second hobby, your looking at, is my internetsite.

For an example take the building of my aviary or the lifehistory that goes on till the day of today in It begins ..... . I am a member of a birdsociety "De Vogelvreugde" Ulft and neighbourhood. Children can also be a member of a birdsociety, they are Youthmember. In 2001 and 2003 bad results, in 2002 Local Champion Posturecanary. And an another birds in my breedingcage, the Norwich.

So a internetsite with actuale tips and expierence and not that kind what you find in a good canarybook (see Literature ).


Updated at 17-11-2009