Yes, I want to build a DAC

You are free to build our DAC for private use. For this purpose, we've included: In our case, the DIY price was about US$ 750 per piece, including cabinet and all cables. This price is based on some price-cuts that we could obtain, because we've ordered components for 25 DACs simultaneously, and we also had some direct links to some component manufacturors.

The information regarding the 3rd (digital) PCB is not given away. Few reasons are:

As a result we offer the board, and some difficult to get components via TentLabs.

All other components are more or less standard. Some other components that might require more effort to obtain:

Ofcourse, other components can be ordered, or other solutions can be thought of. We cannot supply or trace any of these components ourselves, besides the information given, so please don't ask.

Our design is copyrighted. Those among you who have commercial interests are invited to contact Guido Tent.

Copyright © 2001, Marc Heijligers and the DAC group - All rights reserved.