Many people contributed to our DAC, either directly or indirectly, technical or non-technical (serving coffee, offering a place to experiment or listen). Directly involved where Jacques van Berkhout, Carel Braam, Theo van Heumen, Geert Huygen, Menno Norden, Henk ten Pierick, Morten Simonsen (Copland), Jan van Sinderen. People who contributed valuable information indirectly, where Sheldon Stokes, Norman Tracy and Peter van Willenswaard . We also want to thank for the internet contributions from Kevin Buckley, Christopher Hicks, Jim Johnston (jj), Bob Myers, Dick Pierce, Gabe Wiener, Pete Goudreau, and others who are left unmentioned, whose internet postings have been valuable information to us as well.

We especially want to thank Prodrive, who gave us the opportunity to develop and realize our PCB-layout with their computer software, and provided us with a set of PCBs at their expenses.

Finally, we'd like to thank the ones with great confidence in our project by giving us financial support and time, so that we were able to perform all our interesting experiments.

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