iPod Software

Some handy Mac OS-X programs for the iPod:
  • PodWorks is a handy program to be able to extract audio files from an iPod to a Macintosh. A must have, if you might have a HD crash on your Mac, and you don't want to re-rip 400 CDs manually.
  • Pod2Go is a program that allows to download News, Weather and more from the web to the iPod for offline viewing.
  • To get rid of the European Volume restriction, look at several alternatives like goPod.

Some handy programs Mac OS-X to handle your music collection:

  • iVolume will perform a Sound Check based on human perception of loudness.
  • MP-3 Info, the ability to see MP3-tags in the Finder.
  • Applescripts can be used in combination with iTunes, to apply a couple of handy activities.
  • To get albums on your desktop, look at Clutter.
  • For those who like iTunes' Visualizer, some hints about different modes.

iPod on PCs:

  • Just use iTunes for encoding and playback of AAC files, and synchronization with your iPod. A good alternative to WinAmp, where you have to click on 1mm buttons to enhance your RSI. If you don't know about user friendliness, just look at XP vs. OS-X for fun!
  • MacDrive makes it possible to mount HFS+ drives on PCs.


  • If you don't want to rip all the music yourself, you can use services like RipDigital.

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