atari800.cfg creator!

Posted: July 23, by Captain Skyhawk

A great new feature in the latest release is to state save! This means that you can save your game (5200 or 800 game, doensn't matter) at any time at any point. I tested it a few times and it works great. I find this a little bit unclear wroted in the release file. I gonna add some detailed instrcutions this week. When playing with the new options for saving and selecting PAL or NTSC in the atari800.cfg file, I found it out it comes pretty exact. That means for example one space to much is resulting in a not working disc. So I created a program that can make you an perfect configuration file in 5 easy steps. Just put in your Atari 800 directory and run it, it can delete itself after making an configuration file! You can find it in the downloads sections along with the latest package. 


Version 0.71 released

Posted: July 22, by Captain Skyhawk

Sorry for the lack of updates here, but this site is mainly for a permanent resource of questions and instructions. Also some people promissed me some information about Atari 8-bit games to add to the start list, but I never heard of them. So I gonna do that myself some time. Anyway the reason for the post is a new release! It now uses the Atari 800 1.2.3 (PC) codebase instead of 1.2.2. New features are saving status to VMU, possibility to change videomode to PAL 50 Hz or NTSC 60 Hz and emulating the Aracade Stick. For a complete list of changfes look at the release section. New package downloads will be up soon.


New release, version 0.7 is out

Posted: May 17, by Captain Skyhawk

New features include keyboard emulation for the Atari 800, you can now just control everything with just your controller. Very handy with games and starting them. Also an keypad emulation for the Atari 5200. With this latest feature now the whole system is emulated! Look for all the changes in the release section. The way to load and play games is changed a little bit, so I have updated the site for use with this new release. Be sure to download the latest pre-made package from the downloads section.


Bigger update, I need your help!

Posted: May 15, by Captain Skyhawk

First, the site has a new adres (without any pop-ups!) at: Thanks LyonHrt for setting me up this redirect. Second, I changed the menu at the left and added a game start list for the Atari 8-bit computer. As you see it's almost empty and I want to ask you all if you can help me with the list. Just write down what game, on wich system it runs best, what speed and what button to start it is and post your findings in this topic. When the list is complete (can take some while because of the many games available for it) I want to move on to the programs. There is now also a new more section, where you can find anything else about the emulator. Such as release notes, known problems and the credits page etc. Just take a look. And at least I want to thank all the great people in the Dreamcast Scene for helping and submissing all the info. Because of them I have corrected the last (little) wrong information on the site.


Some minor updates

Posted: May 14, by Captain Skyhawk

I update the site a little bit here and there. Adding some info about the systems, especially for the Atari 800 part. I want to expand these parts with a lot more info. But I take my time to do that. I also updated an error at the starting games page for the Atari 800. Thanks anal=probe for pointing me that out! Now that I almost mastered the emulator and know almost every ins and outs of it, I want to beging testing all the stuff for the Atari 800/320 computer. There's gonna be some big updates these months...



Posted: May 12, by Captain Skyhawk

Today, with a great delay, is the opening of this site! As you see I try to keep  it very basic and simple in layout. The easiest way to start is clicking the items on the left beginning at the top. Or just click the info you need! I hope it's usefull for everyone. Any questions ask them in here. P.S. be sure to try out the this months game!