The main purpose of this program is to monitor any traffic
that is using a LAN adapter. (This is your Ethernet or Token ring network card)

It will not monitor dial-up or modem connections!


The main window of LanSpeed2

The tray icon in the taskbar



  • Windows 98, ME, XP, 2000 or NT with service pack 4 or higher
  • Windows installer (see download section)
  • Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 runtime files (see download section)


Now you can:

  • See if anyone is accessing your computer without you knowing it.
  • See why it takes so long to download a file or page.
  • Check if your connection is alive
  • Check your internet connection speed.
  • Check your average download and upload speed
  • Check the amount of  data you downloaded or uploaded

LanSpeed2 has an icon that sits in the taskbar so you can see if there is any upload or download activity.
Hover the mouse over the icon to see your current upload and download speeds.
Click the icon to open the main window or right-click it for more options.

The main window will show a graphical display for up- and download.
The range will auto-adjust to the highest visible value in the graph

Main Features:

  • Supports up to 10 adapters at once.
  • Select one of 3 kinds of draw styles
  • Supports transparency (Windows 2000 and XP only)
  • Fade in and fade out effects (Windows 2000 and XP only)
  • Show 5, 10, 15 or no gridlines with values.
  • Graph can be reset when peak values mess up the range.
  • Can be set to show on top of all other windows.
  • Option to start without showing the main window.
  • A Real-time indication bar will show up and download as they occur.
  • Window can be resized
  • The main window has no border that will interfere with replacement desktops.
  • Option to keep a log file.

Screen shots:

The option menu can be reached by
right-clicking the tray icon:

Click here for a full description of the options


Draw style: Lines
Number of gridlines : Defaults to 1 split
Range: Maximized
Details : Off
Move Upload to top: On
Anti-aliasing: On

Draw style: Connected dots
Number of gridlines : 10
Range: Maximized
Details : Off
Anti-aliasing: Off

Draw style: Bars
Number of gridlines : None
Range: Minimized
Details : On
Anti-aliasing: N. A.



version 3.0.7:

  • Added option to hide the range window completely.
  • Reduced processor usage with gradient background selected.
  • Fixed the 'Error 0' bug when creating a new log file.
  • Fixed the 'Bad file name' bug when the help icon in the menu was clicked.
  • Fixed the problems with dragging the main window in Windows 98/ME.

version 3.0.6:

  • Fixed the problem with the menu when the taskbar was on the top or the left of the screen
  • Added a log file viewer.
  • Added a 'Start with Windows' option.
  • Added a help file.
  • Added a total per day counter.
  • Added a total per Windows session counter.
  • When the main window is at the bottom of the screen it will shift up when details are shown.
  • Fixed the screen flicker while dragging the main window.
  • Updated the bars graph, bars are now aligning to the right without gaps.

version 3.0.5:

  • Fixed a memory leak, because of this we had to drop support for Windows 95.
  • Increased speed.
  • Uses less processor time as previous versions.
  • Added option to split the up and download into 2 graphs (like LanSpeed2 v 2.0.5).
  • Added Anti-aliasing option to be used when draw style is lines or connected dots.
    (Works best when selecting a light colour for background)
  • Added normalising to the range, at least the top values will be rounded.
  • Showing details will now drop down instead of up.
  • Fixed: when started minimized and closed without opening the main window,
    LanSpeed2 would restore the default window positions.
  • Added indication bar to show up and download even when the update speed is set
    to a large value.
  • Added option for 120 bars or point to increase the graph resolution when using
    lines or connected dots.
  • Moved all graph settings to menu: 'Set Draw style >'


version 3.0.4:

  • Fixed the menu bug on Win 95, 98, ME and NT.
  • Added options to show or hide upload and download.
  • Added option to minimize the range. (range will be printed sideways)
  • Changed the way to show or hide details to the right mouse button.
  • Added option to start minimized.
  • Changed extension of the log file so it will be opened with notepad.
  • Fixed bug : when Always on Top was on, message boxes became unreachable.
  • Fixed some typo's.

version 3.0.3:

  • Completely new interface.
  • Uses a log file to see the amount of traffic you generated.
  • The main window is now borderless.
  • Hide or show details with 1 mouse click.
  • Supports transparency. (Windows 2000 and XP only)
  • Fade-in and fade-out effects (Windows 2000 and XP only)
  • Choose from 3 kind of draw styles:  bars, connected dots or lines.
  • Use a gradient background.
  • Monitor several adapters at once.
  • Supports side-by-side installation to monitor more than one adapter separately.

Download Lanspeed2:

If you are using Windows 2000, ME or XP there are no additional requirements.

If you are using Windows 98 or NT4 check that you have the Windows Installer installed on your computer. 
This component provides safe and secure software install/uninstall.  
If you do not have Windows Installer, you can download it free of charge.

Windows Installer ANSI (Windows 95/98/Me) version 2.0

Windows Installer Unicode (Windows NT/2000/XP) version 2.0

Download LanSpeed2 version 3.0.7 Installer LanSpeed2.msi (966 KB)

If you have problems with the MSI installer you can try the manual installation.
Instructions on how to install are in the zip file.

Download LanSpeed2 version 3.0.7 Manual Install (678 KB)

Note : LanSpeed2 needs the Visual Basic 6 (sp5) Runtime files (1 MB)