Ever wondered who you would be if you played a part in the 80's Brat pack movie The Breakfast Club!?

Here's the answer now :)

I'm a huge brat pack fan, so after the
Will & Grace test I decided to make a Breakfast Club test.
Enjoy it :)

What is your favorite free time activity?

Drawing snowy pictures.


Your parents are...

Pretty Okay.
Afraid you will blow your ride
Upset with every B you've ever had.
Always fighting and using you.
Totally unaware of your existence.
What is your opinion on detention?

Detention is pretty okay, I haven't got anything better to do anyway.
The more the merrier.
Something I have to go through sometimes.
Living hell.
If I deserve it I'll do it.
Have you ever or would you smoke pot?

Hell YES!
No... or, err... Yes.... err....
Hell NO!
What type of music describes you?

Anything loud and electric.
80's pop.

Depressing tunes.
None of the above.
What kind of parlor trick have you (or would you like to) mastered?

Putting on lipstick with my boobs.
Taping asses together.
Building a ceramic elephant and blow it to bits with a flare gun.
Compulsive lying.
Collecting girls / guys.


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