This add-on for FS2002 and FS2004 shows you airport EHEH and the center of the city.
On a surface of 180 qkm you will see original aerial photos on the ground (2D) and many caracteristic buldings(3D).
During nighttime many objects are illuminated in the scenery of this "City of Light" in the south of The Netherlands .
Trains, buses and watermills are animated.
Author: Paul Maartense; The Netherlands 2004


Eindhoven is the 5th city of the Netherlands with 208000 inhabitants.
It is a green city with splendid traffic communications and a busy airport.
Here Anton Philips started the first factory in 1891 for the production of lightbulps.
His son Frits celebrated his 100th birthday in april 2005. The Philips company
brought enormous prosperity in the city. Now the region has a clean highlevel
electronic industry, a Technical University and a famous Design Academy.

This picture shows the Evoluon; an expostion- and conference building (constructed as an UFO) of the Philips Company


Fast growing international airport desserving 1 million passengers next year.A new terminal will be constructed this year.
Users of Eindhoven Scenery can ask a free update of the new airport-file when the construction is completed (august 2005).
The airport has 1 runway length: 3000 m. and can even receive the Russion Antonovs.It is also a military airbase with big
cargos for the transportation of troops to conflict-regions in the world.
Many European companies desserve the civil part of
Eindhoven Airport (here you see an impression of the new terminal)

On the foreground the futuristic Phileas, a magnetic guided bus which can move without human driver.
In Eindhoven Scenery you will see an animation of this vehicle.On the background the terminal under construction.


Very easy: You drag the folders Scenery and Texture from the downloadfiles or the CD-ROM into the folder Add-on
from FS9 (MS Flightsimulator 2004). Instructions in the download-file and on the CD-ROM.


The aerial photos were rather expensive.
Thats why we ask you a small contribution for the scenery: 17.50 euro
Screenshots and Download at Simmarket

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