Mandelbrot & Co. 2003a

This PocketPC application can calculate pictures of 8 different Mandelbrot/Julia type complex fractals on your PDA. Easily zoom into selected areas of the fractal. Author: Patrick Meuwissen (

Main features:
  • Support for 8 complex fractal types (known from the great PC program called Fractint):
    • Barnsley J1
    • Barnsley M1
    • Julia
    • Julia4
    • Mandelbrot
    • Manowar
    • Manowar J
    • Spider
  • Support for three types of arithmetic precision:
    • Fixed point 32 bit: fully optimized StrongARM assembly code; very fast, limited zooming
    • Fixed point 64 bit: optimized C-code accelerated by StrongARM assembly code; zooming capabilities similar to floating point but significantly faster
    • Floating point: optimized C-code; deep zooming, slow calculations
  • Context-sensitive help, accessible through the Start Menu.
  • Save your favorite pictures for future recalculation, in a very compact file format called MBF. (Several sample MBF files included.)
  • Palettes (up to 256 colors) can be loaded from file. Palette files (MPF file format) come in two flavors:
    • Binary format (native); allows for compact file size
    • ASCII text format (user defined); allows users to easily create their own custom palette files. A palette save option allows these user defined palettes to be saved into the native binary format
  • Color cycling and 3D relief drawing effects.
  • Slideshow option (view your file history as a slideshow).
  • Power saving: automatically turns of the screen during calculations if the battery power is low.
  • Many new options.
  • It's still freeware! :-)

  • PocketPC(2002) operating system.
  • A StrongARM CPU.
  • 240×320 pixels color display, with 12/15/16 bits per pixel.
So far, the following devices have been confirmed to be supported:
  • HP iPaq 2210, 5555
  • HP Jornada 56x
  • Compaq iPAQ 363x, 365x, 376x, 397x
  • Toshiba e310, e740
  • Fujitsu/Siemens Pocket Loox
  • Casio E-200
  • Dell Axim X5
  • O2 XDA

Download the full version of Mandelbrot & Co. 2003a for FREE at CNET


The entire Mandelbrot set, 'Fire16' palette.

Julia.mbf demo file, 'vga256' palette.

Twister.mbf demo file, enhanced Tools menu.

Minibrot.mbf demo file, demonstrating deep zooming.

New fractal menu.

Many new options...