The patch of the 502nd.

The so called "Five - 0 - Deuce"

or: "The Deuce"

Lester taylor
Lester Taylor (l) was a Corporal in I Company, Second Platoon, 502 PIR. He jumped in Normandy on D-Day and also in Son (North of Eindhoven) on September 17, 1944. He fought in the battle at Best, also North of Eindhoven. He was killed in action only two days later. The photo above right (made in 1939 the year their little sister Betty was born!) shows Carl, age23 (l) and Lester Taylor, age 21. Lester died 3 days before his 27th birthday.
Taylor en buddy
Lester Taylor

Left: The book cover of a nowadays very rare book written by S. Marshall. Lester's sister Betty bought it on a flee market in the US. and gave it to me as a Christmas present in 2001. To me a very precious present....

On D-day, June 6 1944, Lester rescued John.P. Lachkovic (36125328) who landed with his parachute in a canal in Normandy and was drowning, struggling in his parachute in the water.

After being dropped in Son, North of Eindhoven, on September 17th, 1944, Lester fought near Best. On September 19 his was killed in action. Just before he was promoted to sergeant.

Because of his heroic action in Normandy and in Best he received the Bronze Star.(with the Oak Leaf Cluster.)

With the Bronze Star medal given to Lester A. Taylor, 39087876 after his death is the following:

"Corporal Lester Taylor distinguished himself by heroic achievement in action on June 6, 1944. He landed by parachute in the inundated area near St. Germain de Varreville, France. Seeing a comrade struggling in his parachute in a canal, Corporal Taylor, ignoring the danger of enemy machine gun fire from nearby positions and the danger of drowning in the canal, unhesitatingly plunged down the bank into the water and dragged the drowning man to the comparative safety of the bank. The furor caused by this rescue caused the enemy to fire on the three men engaged in the rescue with mortars as well as machine guns, but disregarding the risk involved, Corporal Taylor continued to render artificial resuscitation to his comrade until he regained consciousness. In a later operation, Corporal Taylor was mortally wounded. His actions were in accordance with the highest standard of the military service."

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