Early 2003 I wrote a letter to Lynn Compton after I had met him in L.A and Phoenix.

This is what he answered.

Thank you "Buck"

Dear Peter,
Here is my attempt to answer your questions,
I was born Dec. 31,1921 at Los Angeles California. My family consisted of my father and mother and myself. My father worked as an escrow clerk for a title insurance company.
During my college career at UCLA i939-1943 I took part in the ROTC program.
I entered active service in Feb. 1943 at the age of 21.

I joined the paratroops for two reasons:first I was acquainted with Salve Matheson (left) at UCLA and he had joined the paratroops about a year ahead of me. As you know he later became a major general

secondly the paratroops appeared to me to be the quickest way to get into combat.
The most impressive part of jump training was their ability to get you mentally prepared to jump. The build up was such that when you
actually got in the plane it became almost a routine to go out the door without really thinking about it.
Two things stand out in my mind; the d-day jump and the day following and the artillery shelling at Bastogne.

After the war I married and had two daughters. (right) We were married for 47 years when my wife died in 1994.

I entered law school in 1946 and graduated in 1949.
In 1947, while still in law school, I joined the Los Angeles Police Department and served as a detective until 1951. I then joined the LA County District Attorney's office as a deputy district attorney. In 1964 I became the chief deputy district attorney.

As a prosecutor I tried numerous major criminal cases including the trial of Sirhan Sirhan ( left) for the assassination of Robert Kennedy.  In 1970 then Governor Ronald Reagan appointed me to the position of Associate Justice of the California Court of Appeals. I retired in 1990.From my observations, other than knowing that I was in the service and being very interested in the series "Band of Brothers", my children are totally unaffected by it. They were raised to be loyal and patriotic citizens and that would have occured in any event.
Frankly until the Band of Brothers got every body talking about it, I rarely thought about the war. Don't get me wrong I wasn't dismissive of it and the sacrifice made by those who lost lives or limbs I just was not given to reliving it and making a big deal of my part in it. In short I am not a "professional veteran."
I have attended many reunions of our unit since the war. I enjoy the comraderie of the men with whom I served. In fact my fondest and most enjoyable memories of the past are simply the associations and friendships developed in the service.
I think it important to have annual recognitions of the significant events of our history for the edification of the younger generations and to instill a sense of patriotism and duty.
I don't see such events as some sort of tribute to past generations but only a vehicle for impressing on

the later generations the need to serve the country when called on.
I hope this meets with your approval,
All my best.

signed Lynn "Buck" Compton.

During the Easy Company reunion in Phoenix and the Emmy Awards Buck was present too. Left two pictures with his daughters.

Each year since 1983, the Metropolitan News-Enterprise has designated as "Person of the Year" a member of the legal community who, during that year, contributed to an extraordinary extent to the betterment of the US system of justice. The person is feted early the following year at a dinner at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel. The annual dinners began in 1988. In 1989 tje person of the year was Lynn 'Buck' Compton.(r)

The book 'Band of Brothers' from Stephen Ambrose is not the only book in wich Buck Compton appears. Below four other books with the pages on wich Buck is mentioned.

Melanson,P. The Robert F. Kennedy Assassination. 1991 (160, 192, 337)
Moldea,D. The Killing of Robert F. Kennedy. 1995 (119)
New Times Magazine (U.S.) 1975-11-28 (20, 24)
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In the tv-series 'Band of Brothers' the actor Neil McDonough portrays Buck Compton.
The photo on the right is made during the TV-series´ world premieres in Normandy, June 6, 2001.

I don not intend to infringe on any copyrights. I just want to promote Band of Brothers© and pay a tribute to everyone who was involved in giving back our freedom in WWII

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