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Today, January 9th, I received the sad news that Major Richard "Dick" Winters passed away on January 2nd. at the age of 92.
He is already interred yesterday. The passing was kept very quiet. His wife and family wanted it this way.

Richard Winters was in charge of E-Co, 506 Para Infantry Regiment, 2nd battalion, 101 th Airborne Division, the Screaming Eagles.

When the paratroopers of E-Co. landed in Son on September 17, 1944, Richard Winters was their commanding officer.
On September 18 Winters and his men entered Eindhoven. They secured the Dommel bridges in the center of the town and moved south towards the British Armored Division.

Winters was a an excellent soldier: a very intelligent strategist and a courageous leader who many times went ahead of his troops in battle.
On D-day he fought in Normandy, took part on Operation Market Garden, was in the Hell of Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge, and was involved in taking Hitler's Eagles nest in Berchtesgaden.
Winters was awarded with the Distinguished Service Cross, a Purple Heart and two Bronze Stars.

On February 18, 2007 Richard Winters received the certificate and the golden badge that go with the honorary citizenship of the municipality of Eindhoven (Netherlands) from mayor A. Sakkers, in his hometown Hershey, Pennsylvania.

More information about Richard Winters you can find here.

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We will never forget what Dick Winters and his men did for us so many years ago.
They gave us back our freedom after 4 years of German occupation.

In our thoughts and prayers we are with his family.

May he rest in peace