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Norman is born in Milwaukee Wisconsin Feb. 12 . 1926. (German decent) and his father was a city firefighter. At the age of 18 he joined the Army. Because he was not able to join the Air force he picked the Paratroopers because he was told that they were the best trained soldiers.

Like the others for him the most exiting moment of the training was how to jump out of an airplane.Before he came to Europe he had not heard of Holland before except the people were very friendly. Going to Hitler's building is his most vivid memory of the War. Also the camaraderie with the other men in E-Co. over the years is something very special for Norman. After the war he attended every 101st Airborne reunion and in the last years only the Easy Company reunions.

After the war he married on Decm.4 1948 and had 2 daughters and 2 sons. During the first 9 years he worked as a bakery truck driver and for 5 years for New York Life. Than he started a business of his own, selling all kinds of insurances. Now (2003) they only sell life and health insurances.

According to Norman his children are in no way influenced because their father was in a war. Only his 9 years old granddaughter takes every chance to play the part of a soldier at school

Norman thinks it is important to commemorate the War. Maybe not every year ( like we do in Eindhoven) but future generations should be reminded what their (grand) parents went true to keep their country free.

Norman has been in the 84th Division for 38 years and left with the rank of Master Sergeant (E8) Now he is a member of the Milwaukee non-commissioned Officers Council which has about 100 members, composed of all Branches of the service. He also is a member of Veterans of Foreign War (VFW) and the Allied Veterans Counsel, composed of about 18 organizations including their N.C.O. counsel. He appreciates the friendships he made over the years.

Norman and his wife during the Phoenix reunion in 2002.


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