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BT2NET - Worldwide file exchange network

BT2Net has proved to be one of the best and fastest growing file exchange networks in the internet. Here's just a short extract with the MAIN FEATURES:

The BT2Net peer-to-peer (p2p) program is completely free of charge and only needs a simple install.

The most important point of BT2Net is that the network also offers fully legal files.
Peer-to-Peer (P2P) file exchange was the first model of the internet and now it's more like a small net within the internet. Now the newest client works in the following way: the large files are split in hundreds of smaller bits and shared among users.
BT2Net Client helps users to find and reconstitute the small bits into large files. With unique mutli-stream technology the large files are downloaded a lot faster (up to 1,5Mbit/sec). If you share files in our network, you will be rewarded with increased download speed. Conversely, if you choose to "leech" and not share your files, you will be punished with slower download speeds.

With the search options of BT2Net Client finding files never been easier. Simply type in the name of the composition (choose from music / movies / pictures) or just couple of letters that you remember and you'll get the result you wanted!
All the files have ID tags and you can choose to search among artist, albums or mp3 tags. That's what you won't find anywhere else!

BT2Net Downloader Main Features:

Download the BT2Net Downloader Download the BT2Net program here (will load a new page first)

Developer:DUPLEX TRADE LTD, S.A. | More programs by this producer License:Shareware Price:14.95 $ to buy OS:Windows All Size:5.64 MB Download time:56K: 13m 45s 64K: 12m 1s 128K: 6m <1 s 768K: 1m <1 s
The creators of the program guarantee you there is no spyware integrated with the BT2Net program

BT2Net Downloader provides you with a fast and easy access to any files avaliable in the file sharing network. The program has a user-friendly interface and with advanced search you'll always find what you need. Millions of files are avaliable for downloading and all of them have proper titles and don't contain viruses (not like in other file sharing networks).

Autoresumable downloads allow you to reboot your computer or reconnect to the internet and resume the downloading from the same place where it stopped. No need to redownload the same file twice just because you have problems with the connection or need to turn off your computer.

No one will limit you - download as much as you want, anytime you want with BT2Net Downloader.

BT2Net Client includes built-in virus protection. Some files downloaded from the Internet (including those obtained via P2P software) may contain viruses that can infect your computer. These files typically are mislabeled to disguise their true purpose. You may also want to install separate anti-virus software, and keep it up-to-date.

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