Free guestbook

A guestbook, in the context of an Internet website, is a logging system that allows visitors to that website to indicate their thoughts about the site or its subject. Normally, it does not require creation of a user account, as it is normally an informal method of dropping off a quick note.

The purpose of a website guestbook is normally to display the kind of visitors the site gets, including the part of the world they reside in, presented as a linear list of messages. It is normally not intended for purposes of carrying on discussions.

A guestbook is, therefore, different from a chat room (which is more or less realtime communication), or an internet forum (which is sectioned out in subject threads).


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To sign up for a free guestbook you can go to signup form. You will be guided through the registration in three steps in which you will have to fill some general details about your website. These information will be used for your free guestbook.
Once you've registered you can login to change the appearance of your free guestbook, which can be done through a very clear and simple application in which you can just click the colours and they will be added to the guestbook.

After the signup you will receive an activation-code with which you can activate the free guestbook so visitors can view it and leave a message.

Sometimes it happens that some person leaves a message in your free guestbook which you would like to delete, because it is offending or not in line of your website. You can do this very easily in the control panel (which is also used to change the appearance of the free guestbook) by deleting the message or even blocking the visitor so he won't be able to add a message to your free guestbook anymore

For what can the guestbook be used? Well, for anything really. You could use it as an extra for your weblog in which the visitor can just generally talk about the website. You can use it as part of a wedding (wedding guestbook) or as a small and simple forum or message board in which you chat with friends.
Because this free guestbook offers many functionalities and is very clear and simple, you could also use it for a corporate website or for the business' intranet.

Everything is possible with free guestbook.