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Here you can find all the torrent-sharing websites on the net. If you know one that hasn't been listed, e-mail me at
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Temporary site in case this one goes down
To Download any files you will need Bittorrent. You can get it at
Bittorrent is a peer2peer ad-hoc program, so when you are downloading, you will be uploading some parts of the file at the same time.
Please leave your Bittorrent window open for as long as possible so others can complete their downloads.

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Music torrent-websites
Url Website: Torrent types: Rating: Status: Great music torrents Up Pink Floyd and Radiohead torrents Up Music and more links to other torrent sites Up Music Up Music Up Music Up Music Up Music Up Music Up Music Up Music Up Music Up Music Up Music ( Jam 2003 tour all shows) Up Music (Pearl Jam) Up Music (concerts of Greatful Dead and Jefferson Airplane) Up

In August I will have my own server, but to keep it I will have get some money. Please help me out, thanks!