Sweet Rialto's Dream Come True & Highfidelity's Navajo Olathe

Date: 02-03-2002



Hugs & Kisses's Action Jackson  

lives with Marie-José & Henk. Together with his brother Arizona. And their European Shorthair Freggle.

Action is now called "Spot". Spot loves to play and is more active as his brother Worf. He also talks a lot, and let's Marie-José & Henk know what he wants :-))

Spot loves to cuddle and is a very sweet boy, we think he looks a lot like his mother Dreamy. Spot has been neutered and is enjoying his live without having to worry about the girls. He has developed enormously and he and his brother both are very BIG boy's :-)))



Arti with her new friend Gentle

Hugs & Kisses's Anastasia Art,

 On 17-11-2003 her first litter was born. She did a great job, and delivered the first girl all on her own, without waking us up. We set the alarm clock for Erik to go to work, and than when I couldn't find her, she was already cleaning her first baby in the delivery box.

She is the proud mom of our C litter. Arti is a loving mother, she is very protective about her little ones. And let's the other cats in our house know, they shouldn't mess with her kittens. 

Arti is now living with Family Jeroense in Zeeland, She didn't like Bageera, she always started to fight with our black girl. So we had to make the though decision to replace Arti. So she could live a happy live. And not always had to be corrected, because she was fighting again. Now she is a happy girl and is living together with one Maine Coon male kitten and two birds.

We hope Arti will live a long and happy live, we will never forget her loving character towards us. She will always be a part of our Clan. Although she is living some where else.



Hugs & Kisses's American Angel

lives with us. And is our little rascal. She was the busiest one of all kittens and I think she still is. She could be a bit bigger. We  decided to neuter her. And she will stay with us, because we love her character and she is great with the kittens. 

Angel gets along great with most of our other cats, only Chief, she doesn't like him that much. I think because Chief is always teasing her. But with Bageera and Laantje she can play really nice. They chase around the house, and also cuddle each other often. 

Angel is also the one who goes to bed with you and sleeps under the blanket, or she is laying in your neck or at your chest. Doesn't matter for her, if she just can sleep near you. 

We hope to enjoy her company for many more years to come.




Hugs & Kisses's Alstar Arizona

lives at the same house as his brother Action does. And is having the time of his live!

He has found a way to kill plants easily  Arizona is now called "Worf" and is also neutered. So he can grow a bit more. Arizona was the biggest of this whole litter. But his brother Spot has the biggest body now :-)

Worf is the easiest one, he doesn't upset much, he likes the easy going live. His body weight is showing that :-))) He doesn't want to get tired, so he takes it nice and slow.



Hugs & Kisses's Another Affair,

 is living with Carlo & Carla in Doesburg. With their other Maine Coons, Floor and Fenne, Elfie and Leentje.

She has turned out to be a beautiful princes. She keeps the other Coons at her place really busy and is learning them stuff, they never tried. Or couldn't do. She is the number 1, tree climber!


Another Affair, is still called Fairy, as we called her. And I think she really looks like a fairy to me. She has a very sweet character. But that is no wonder when you have such a sweet mother. Fairy has got back up with Fenne. Fairy is Fenne's Ant. Carlo is calling the two girls, The Hugs & Kisses's Clan :-) We think it's a honor to be called like that.

Elfie is also a new Coonie from Carlo and Carla

Floortje is now the oldest from their Coon Crew


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