Sweet Rialto's Dream Come True & CH. Escape's Indian Warrior

Date: 23-08-2003


Hugs & Kisses's BamBamBoom

is living fam Booye in Zierikzee with her son and a European Shorthair. First she lived at cattery Character Cats, but she wasn't happy there, some of the other cats were teasing Bam all the time. And Bam started to pee everywhere in theire house. So after she had her first litter, Bam also had her uterus removed because it was infected. And the people who had chosen one of her kittens, fell in love with her also so now she is living a happy live and has a lot of fur.

Bam is a very sweet and loving girl, she loves to cuddle even on the judge's table :-)). Bam just can't get enough of the cuddling.

Bam became a mom herself. And we are very proud of the offspring she and Moody have. 


Hugs & Kisses's Busy Bandit.

  Bandit is living with Liesbeth and Peter and their three sons in Leiden.

They already had several Maine Coons;  Than they also have a European Shorthair called Bibob and a Ragdoll called Chuckie.

 Bandit is now called Joker, and he really suits that name. He made friends with all the other cats in their house and is an adorable boy. 


Hugs & Kisses's Black Bageera,

  Bageera is living with us :-)) When she was born I just couldn't resist her, and called Erik on the phone that we had a black girl and she would stay. Bagger as we call her, is a very sweet girl who loves all the other cats very much. We are very excited to see how she will develop.

Bageera went to her first show at the Kitten day from the Dutch Maine Coon Club. The judge gave her a beautiful report. She got an EX 1. 

 For us she is the most loving and beautiful girl we could whish for. Especially her character is just so perfect. 


Hugs & Kisses's Bright Bambina,  

is living with Mariet, Remco and daughter Esmť.   Bina as she is called now, is big friends with their other Maine Coons Lotte and her half sister Hugs & Kisses's Charming CloŽ. They are making their house unsafe and they play with a lot of stuff that aren't suitable for little kittens.  

 They never had Maine Coons but when they saw Bambina they were suddenly infected with the Maine Coon virus. And we know there will soon be more Maine Coons coming to live in their home!

Sad news about Lotte, she was found dead at her favorite spot to sleep. So Bina and CloŽ now have to entertain themselves a bit more.


Hugs & Kisses's Beasty Boy,

is living with Marion & Wim in a village that called Uden. They already where infected with the Maine Coon virus and just couldn't resist his charm. He is now called Smokey.

He loves to cuddle and purrs really lot but that is something what his brother and sisters are doing too.

 Smokey has adjusted nice to the dog and the other cats Marion & Wim have. And is big friends with all of them. 



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