The parents are:

Hugs & Kisses's Anastasia Art & Escape's Indian Warrior

 Date: 17-11-2003



Hugs & Kisses's Charming CloŽ

CloŽ was the first born of the C litter. Arti gave birth to her all by her self. And we were very surprised when the alarm clock went of, And Arti wasn't laying on the bed as she used to.

We found her in the litter box that stands at our bedroom. When a female is pregnant our girls give birth to the little ones in our bedroom. So they are in a quiet environment.

We loved her colors and she has a lot of fur!! And knew already where this girl was going to live.

CloŽ is living at the house of Mariet, Remco and daughter Esmť. Together with her half sister Hugs & Kisses's Bright Bambina. They are having a ball over there.

CloŽ is really making a big wish come true for Mariet, because she always wanted to have a tortie girl. CloŽ loves to cuddle a lot, And than we really mean A LOT!!!!



Hugs & Kisses's Cherokee Chief

This beautiful boy was the second kitten of the C litter. I loved his colors. I am a sucker for a lot of white :-)))

Chief as he is still called. Is a handsome boy and a large one too. His weight with 4,5 months was 4100 grams. So we think he wants to be as big as his dad. 

Chief is living with Family Peters in Veghel. They always wanted to have a big boy. Well we think Chief will make their dream come true. Chief is big friends with their other Maine Coon male Breezer and their Secrate Birman Youri. Youri is already an oldie. So he doesn't like playing much. But the two Coon boy's turn their house up site down!!!

When Chief wakes up in the morning, the only thing on his mind is Food!! Jose can't sit down easy before she has given him his portion of canned meat first!!!

Chief loves to cuddle a lot, just like his sisters.

We are very curious how he will develop. We did have a diner party, when Chief already has passed the 5 kgs, Chief last known weight was 8 kilo's. So we think he will be grown up now. 


Hugs & Kisses's Comanche Chase 

This was the third kitten of the C litter. Unfortuanally he died when he was just 8 day's old. He had a navel infection. And despite the help of our vet, he didn't make it.

We were very sad about this. And we will never forget this beautiful boy.

We take comfort out of the thought that he is having a wonderful live behind the Rainbow Bridge.



Hugs & Kisses's Cute Chelsea

Chelsea was number 4. And she is also loving to cuddle a lot.  

Chelsea is a strong built girl with a looonng tail. She can touch her nose with the tip of her tail. She has nice ears with tuffs. 

We are very curious how she will develop. Her Character is just great. She cuddle everything what come on her path, when you call her. And she is big friends with Bageera & Laantje. The only one she likes to tease is her Grandma Dreamy. But I think that will be better when she knows what it is, to have children of her own

Chelsea got her first litter in 2007 (E Litter) She was a very caring mother. Also very protective of her little ones.


Hugs & Kisses's Crazy Chica

Chica was number 5 of litter C. And her color just jumped out of all the red colors :-)))

Chica is now called Fenne and is living with Carla and Carlo Bekken in Doesburg. They already had Hugs & Kisses's Another Affair. But when Carla saw this little girl she was in Love. 

The only hard things she had to do, was persuade Carlo to have another little girl in their home.

After some long talks and dinner by candle light. Carlo agreed to have this beautiful girl. And he is Fenne's idol!!!

Fenne is also a very cuddly girl and likes every body in their home. Well it isn't easy to join in a group of 4 girls!!! But with her great looks and strong character she was well excepted in the group. Her Aunt is teaching her all the things she needs to know around the house. That way Fairy can play for step mom :-))



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