D litter born on 25th of April 2006 

Proud mom and dad are:

D&P Coons Alaina & Coonattack Reddy to Rumble



Dusty Dynamite

Dusty is a boy who loves cuddling. He is walking around and calls for us when he wants his attention. He loves to play with his little sister. And he is fast like the wind. But that is no wonder with a mother that is as fast as lightning. Dusty is a boy who can enjoy himself very much. He is playing much on his own. And is the first one when I call the little ones it's diner time.

We think Dusty will be a very handsome boy when he is all grown up. But time will tell. We know for sure his new staff family de Kiefte adore his appearance and his charming way to get something done.

Dusty got a playmate and now they are making the house unsafe :-)



Devoted Delphi

Delphi is a copy of her mom, but she is only in a different color. She loves biting your feet. And is chasing them all the time. Delphi we prefer to call her little witch :-) is chasing around and loves to tease the other cats and especially her mom. Sometimes Laantje is looking at me with that look in her eyes: "Please help me, that daughter of mine is driving me crazy!" But than we say: "yes, Laantje now you know how your own mother felt when you were that little". We are pleased with Delphi's spirit. It brings some extra fun in our home.



Day Dreamer aka "DJ"

DJ as we call him is a boy who is starting to blossom. At first he fit his name Day Dreamer, because he was a sleepy boy. But the last few weeks he started to play, chase, run and is adoring to go outside. In the mornings when we are going downstairs. He is the first one who walks to the backdoor. And is calling: "Please, let me go outside!" He is always playing with his brother Dexter. Those two are always side by side. Lucky for DJ he can spend the rest of his live together with his brother. So no boring time for him :-)



Dirty Dexter

Dexter is our heavy weight boy. He is growing fast. And he knows he looks good :-) He is a really funny boy. Loves to get his cuddles at times. But is much to busy exploring and playing with his brother DJ. He also loves to tease his little sister Delphi. But he gets payback when he is a sleep. Than Delphi will jump on him and bite him in is ear or some place else. We are very pleased with Dexter's character. He is stealing our diner from our plates. And he will not be easily get scared. Dexter is also still mommy's little boy, he is calling for her, and loves is when Laantje is nursing him. We are curious how long he will keep up this appearance.

Dexter became a dad for the first time 02-12-2007. Although he didn't pay much attention to his kids. We are very pleased with his first offspring. We hope his children develop like their dad. Than we know for sure, their new owners will be very proud of them.





Erik & Patricia van Ingen

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