E litter born 02-12-2007

The parents are:

Hugs & Kisses's Cute Chelsea & Hugs & Kisses's Dirty Dexter



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Hugs & Kisses's Evening Elain

Elain ( Leentje) is a some kind of special little girl. She in hared  a lot of crazy habits from her grandma Alaina. She is also running as fast as lightning. And making pictures of her. was a hard job. Most of the time, I had only a tip of her tail. Or you could see some kind of kitten face, but than it was al so blurry, because she started to run again.

Elain loves to be cuddled, just like her brother Rico. She just enjoys people's company.

Elain is living at Carlo & Carla's Home, they already had two Coons from our Cattery. But when Carla saw Leentjes picture, she just fell in love with our little witch. It took some hard work for Carla, to persuade Carlo to have another Hugs & Kisses's kitten in their home. But finally he decided Elain had to life with them.

When we now here their stories about Leentje's whereabouts and what she is doing. I don't know if they made the right decision. Because Leentje has some very strange habits, and keeps Carla busy with cleaning the house. And cleaning Elain!!!.


Photo 09-11-2008

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Hugs & Kisses's Elegant Enrico

Here he is our special friend Rico. Rico was the smallest of them. But Rico managed well, he grew into a beautiful young boy. And he is very adorable. Rico just can get enough of cuddling, kissing, he even washes your hair. At night he likes to wake you, so he can get some loving attention. And than falls back to sleep again.

Rico has found a loving new home at the Family Kok's Residence. They have also a European Shorthair, named Micky. But now they have fallen in love with the Maine Coon. We know for sure, soon their will be more Coon paws in their house. Running around and bringing much joy and happiness.

And yes we knew it already but, the Kok's residence has been filled with more Coonie Paws. His name is Yaris, and we know he will have the time of his life together with Prince Rico :-) We are very pleased to see how he has developed. And hope he will grow in such a heavy boy just like his daddy.


Sad news at the Kok's Residence, they had to let Micky go. He had a large and fast growing tumor in his stomache. The young boy's do miss Micky although he was an much older cat, the boy's liked to play with him.


Hugs & Kisses's Endless Energy

Endless Energy was the first born of Chelsea's babies.  He had a very beautiful warm color. Sadly we had to loose him. All kittens had a virus, and he couldn't fight against it any more. Although we try to keep him a life, we also loose this battle. And had to let him go.

Goodbye little fighter we will never forget you. And hope to see you on day again.

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