Here she is, one of our first own bred girls. In short we call her Angel. If I think back, I know I have chosen the wrong name for her. But I can't look into the future!!!

Angel was the number one Bad girl at the house. But she has grown up and is a bit more relaxed now.  She did everything god had forbidden! 

Angel plays a lot with Bellina, that's why she does all the naughty things!! And her other playmate is Laantje. You should see them run around together. We really have to duck sometimes, when they are running around. They don't care, if you are at the wrong spot at the wrong time :-)))

Angel is a strong built female, with a bushy tail, not as long as her sister Arti has. But the length is ok. for her body. She has also a strong chin, well placed ears, but they also could have been a bit bigger.

Angel has been neutered and is living a happy relaxed live. No more discomfort of her hormones.


Angel's Parents:












Erik & Patricia van Ingen

Nijmegen/ Netherlands

Phone: (0031)(0)24 3785867

GSM: 06-20910801

Email: hugsandkisses@chello.nl