Here you can see the half brother of Delphi, Dexter and DJ. His name is D&P Coons Bradley. And he is very adorable as you can see.

Bradley is the son of D&P Coons Eshana and CoonAttack Reddy to Rumble a.k.a. "Spike"

Eshana is Laantje's sister. So we thought it was very special that she became a mom around the same time as our Laantje did. That's why I had to make Bradley his own page.

Bradley is like our Dexter a strong built male. We think these two really have the built of their Father Spike.

Although Bradley had to grow up on his own ( he doesn't have brothers or sisters) he managed well. He is playing a lot with Troy one of the dogs at the D&P Household.

Bradley is a very sweet boy. He's everything a perfect Kitten should be. And all the other cats and dogs love him. This boy will be spoiled rotten! But we don't think he would mind that at all.



Bradley died on the 16th of March, just 3 years of age.
Autopsy showed that a heart attack killed our beloved Bradley. So sudden an totally unexpected, never sick one day and now he is gone......

We miss him tremendously, he will live forever in our hearts.... again we lost a great FRIEND. Bye Bradley, we will meet again someday somewhere....



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