On this page you can take a look at our daughter Caitlyn.

She was born on 28th of December 2004, by C-Section. Her weight was 3450 grams.

At 11:30 we went to the operating room and they started the anesthetics. And at 11:50 Caitlyn was born. She did very well and her Apgar score was the first time 9 and after 5 minutes it was 10. That's the highest score a baby can get for this test. Erik went with the nurse and our little girl to the nursing room. Where she got dressed and she drank her first bottle.

The doctors took until 12:30 to fix my stomach back together. And I could go to the nursing room around 13:30. To see our little girl and hold her.

Caitlyn is a very lovely baby, and very satisfied when she has had her bottle.

At the 31st of December we could go home. The cats were thrilled that I was home again. They really missed me, they looked a little surprised at Caitlyn. "What, have those humans taken home this time?" I makes a lot of noise and it smells funny also. But after they all took a look at this little strange thing. They thought it was okay, and continued their daily things.

Caitlyn is doing great, she is growing fast! 



Just a few hours on this planet.


My teeth are really a pain in my butt but I'm hanging in there. With a little help from my mom and dad, I can manage. Oh by the way, on this picture I'm 9 months old. and still growing!!!



 As you can see I can also do some crazy faces.


Here I am with my first Birthday cake!!! And I loved it!!!


Bath time, is the most favorite part of the day. I just love to splash all the water out of my baby bath.

My mom and dad, are always taking there rain suites with them, when they put me in bath :-)


My dad had a new hat, so I had to try it on also. Well, I think it fits beautifully


This is me and my big friend Gredje


Playing with our D Litter. What fun she has with those little Kitty's


Me and my daddy. He's still the favorite man in my life!!!


Having fun, playing outside. That's just the perfect place for me to be. I don't mind if it rains or if the sun is shining.

Climbing on the scratching poles is one of my favorite things. Although this time my daddy gave me a hand.

 My mom asked me if I could just sit still and smile a bit, she needed a picture for her Christmas card. Well Of course I gave her the chance to make one descent picture. On the rest of them, I only pulled funny faces :-)


Yes, Finally I can get my fingers on my birthday cake. Today I became 2 years old. Mom and Dad are very glad they made it this far :-)


Now let's taste it. Mmmmm, yes mom has an excellent taste. I can't wait to get my next Birthday cake. But my mom and dad told me, first I will have a whole new year a head of me. In this year I will learn so much more, they say. I guess I just have to wait and see what's going to happen next year. But with all my four legged friends, I should be really fun!!!

Me with my first snow. Well not the first snow, because there was snow on the day I was born. 

But now I can run in it, and play with it. It's so much fun!!!

My Mom had done something with my hair. And see, this is the result. :-) I think I look funny.

I just love to have my picture taken. My mom thinks it's a relief I can pose that well.


Me and my big friend Jacky. At first Jacky didn't think very highly of me. But once he get to know me. 

He is always near me. And loves to play with me. I always give him kisses and he likes that. Jacky is for sure my best cat-friend.


Me and my mom. Finally!!! Because most of the time my mom is taking the pictures. We finally got her persuaded that she

should also be on the pictures together with me.


Me, my mom and our new boy and my big friend Jacky. Posing for the Camera. We had much fun




You are getting sleepy!

I'm learning to be the new Santa :-)

We had some surprise when I woke up, it had been snowing. That was so fun!

photo taken 22-12-2007

Yes, I made it, today it was my 3rd birthday, and I had chosen the cake my self. Blowing out those candles was a bit difficult with my long hair, but my daddy helped me with that.

This great present I got from Puck, Hanneke & Sanne. He can talk, dance and sing to :-) He's great. Lucky for my mom and dad, there is a on/off Switch on the back of Koko :-)

Together with my daddy

My mom made some funny hat on my head :-) I think it looks really funny

We were at a small farm, where they had a large play-ground. And also they had a real tractor. It was really fun to play there.

I was visiting Dolinda & Paul from D&P Coons. It's always fun, because they have two funny dogs. Who love it when you throw water to them.

Summer 2008. After two destroying two swimming pools, this one I managed to keep in once piece.

My mom and dad took me to the Sea!!! I had the time of my life, with all that water. But it was really hot that day. So it was nice to go in to the sea and take a dive.

this was a fun day!!! We will do this again next Summer for sure :-)

and yes it's my 4th birthday already. Just great, now I can really go to school and learn something.




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