This is our little girl Chelsea. She is a daughter of Arti & Chief.

Chelsea is such a sweet girl and has the same habit as her half sister Bageera. She just cuddles everything and everybody she sees. 

Chelsea is a strong built girl with large ears with nice tuffs on them. Lovely soft coat. And a long tail, she can touch her nose with the tip of her tail.  Chelsea also has a long nose line with a nice box. We have to wait and see how she will develop. But we think she will be a beauty, when she has grown up. At the moment Chelsea is one of our heaviest girls. She looks a lot like her mom. 

Chelsea's show debut was on the Easter show in Arnhem. She did very well for her first time. She got EX1, she didn't mind showing. So we will see how she will do on later shows. 

Chelsea became a mommy for the first time 2nd of December 2007. She was a loving mom, and did great. She was very proud of her little ones.

Chelsea's Parents:










Erik & Patricia van Ingen

Nijmegen/ Netherlands

Phone: (0031)(0)24 3785867

GSM: 06-20910801

Email: hugsandkisses@chello.nl