Yes now you see what's happening in our household. No wonder our employees are walking that funny around. They are DRUNK!!!. But I don't care, I have found a perfect box to sit in.

Yes I know I don't smell nice, so would some one please come and give me a bath!!!

I wonder, is it to much to ask for a bigger bed?

What's wrong in this picture...

Yes I know, it's a strange way to take a bad

But don't I just look all cleaned up now, and I shine sooo bright!


This is just the perfect spot, to nurse my children. When ever one of them is getting on my nerves, I just drop them on the floor.

What a life!!! Just one big bed for myself. 

Ok I surrender!

He you with your big head, can you please move out of my way!!!

See I told them, they shouldn't not take me to that stupid dentist.

Now I don't have any teeth in my mouth. 

Yeah, this was a perfect plan from our folks to let her go to the dentist. Now there is plenty of food left for us, to eat.

This is my favorite pose, to take a nap

You can actually see a smile on my face, so I should have some happy dreams

Can you please stop taking pictures of me!!! It makes me mad.

I'm not a cat, I'm a human Baby.

So I just going to sit here, and wait till the food arrives.


pfff, this waiting is making me sleepy


I think I take a little nap

mmmm, dreaming about those tasty looking birds in our neighbourhood. If only I could catch them...

I'm not a kitten, I'm a pit bull!!


We are from the redecorating team. This wallpaper must come off.

He mom you haven't move one bit. Maybe I should feel her pulse?

When I told I would like to wear a boa, I didn't mean a living one!

Yo, mom shall I wash your ears? Huh, why can't I bite them? 

Okay, guys take as much food as you can! I keep our mom off guard.

waaaaaa, those kids are driving me mad!

He you were young too, ask your mom how your behaviour was back then.

I think something is wrong with me, I look a bit strange, don't you think?

Maybe when I get some sleep, all things will be normal again.

yes sure take a nice picture, Oh you say now I ruined it? I don't know why, but I look great!

hihihi, I can do the same, but much better :-)

Yeahhhhhhhh, he is falling!!!! I just love it, when those ski's fall of.

pfff, I had too much to eat. My belly is exploding!


hi, they say there isn't enough room in my bed, let's see...

Well, I think it fits nice.

Oh yeah, exactly the right spot. Go on, go on. Mmmmm, this feels great.

Hello, are you finished??? This box is not sitting wonderful. And those flash you are using, is bleaching my eyes.

It's great this sisterly love we share, but my little sister is having me in the strangest positions

Okay milk time is over, I need to lay different, my back is killing me!


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