Day Dreamer aka "DJ"

DJ as we call him is a boy who is starting to blossom. At first he fit his name Day Dreamer, because he was a sleepy boy. But the last few weeks of his kitten hood he started to get very naughty, play, chase, run and is adoring to go outside. In the mornings when we are going downstairs. He is the first one who walks to the backdoor. And is calling: "Please, let me go outside!" He is always playing with his brother Dexter. Those two are always side by side. Lucky for DJ he can spend the rest of his live together with his brother. So no boring time for him :-)

DJ is also talking to us all day. He is telling exactly what he is doing. Or when you call for him, he is telling you he is on his way over to you. He also loves to cuddle and purrs really loud. We think the talking issue is something that these boys have in their DNA :-)

DJ loves it to right with you on your back. At night when I have to make something to drink for Caitlyn, he jumps on my shoulders, and purrs really loud. I get a lot of kisses, and than when I'm ready to go up again, he tells me Good Night :-)

DJ's  Parents:






Erik & Patricia van Ingen

Nijmegen/ Netherlands

Phone: (0031)(0)24 3785867

GSM: 06-20910801

Email: hugsandkisses@chello.nl