This is our oldest girl, we call her Dreamy. She is a very sweet girl. She loves to cuddle and play out side. Dreamy is also a bit shy. She will never race her paws to the other cats. Instead she just walks away. That's why the others always take her toys.

Dreamy had her first litter 02 March 2002, she had 5 kittens, 3 girls and 2 boys. She was a perfect mother. She took really good care of them, and was a loving mother.

Her two daughters, she nursed until the aged of 6 months!

Dreamy is a strong and long built female.  She is a sweet girl and the perfect mom for little babies.

Dreamy doesn't like to go to shows much, that's why we decide not to take her any more. 

Dreamy has been neutered now. Although she was the perfect mom, we decided to let her retire.


Dreamy's Parents:





Erik & Patricia van Ingen

Nijmegen/ Netherlands

Phone: (0031)(0)24 3785867

GSM: 06-20910801

Email: hugsandkisses@chello.nl