On this page you can meet our dogs.

First one in line is: Gredje. Gredje is a Newfoundlander (Black-White)

He was born on the 20th of April 2004.

Because our beloved Eros died in February 2005, we went to search for a new Newfoundlander puppy. We contact several breeders, and we visited two. Both breeders were expecting puppy's so we only had to wait. And make a visit before, so we could meet the breeders, and see the dogs they owned.

Unfortuanally one bitch didn't have any puppy's but the breeder had one male dog, who had to be replaced. So we went for a 2 hour drive and there he was!  It was love at first sight. Both me and Erik, felt for his charming looks and he looked very peaceful. A really relaxed Newf.

So the decision was easily made, Gredje was coming to live with us. So the drive back home began. It was his first time in the car, so it was a bit scary for Gredje but he did very well for his first time.

At home he was very relaxed, he was following us every where. And didn't take time to lay down and sleep a little. The cats where a bit impressed by this huge animal :-) But they all where too curious. So they decided to take a look and Gredje didn't mind the cats at all. That was the big question how would he react at our cats. But it worked perfect. 

We like to take this opportunity to thank Cora & Jan from Newfy kennel "From Kobolds Home" for this beautiful boy.





The picture below are taken may 2005



 Next one in line is "Nikita" in short we call her "Nikie"

Nikie is a Newfoundlander Mix. We believe she is mixed with a Sheppard kind of dog.

We don't know her exact age. But our vet has determined she should be 2 years of age.

She is a bit of an ADHD Dog. She has energy for two, maybe even 3 dogs. When we go for a two hour walk, Gred is always glad to go home. But Nikie, she could easily go for another round. But she is a sweetheart. Although she wasn't well brought up by her previous owners. She spent her first two years of her life in a kennel only and doesn't know how to act inside the house. Also other dogs, when she sees them she is really going nuts. But with a lot of patience it will all get better. She just needs a lot of TLC and some time. "Nikie" has been spayed we hope she will get a bit peace now.

Nikie was in July 2009 1 year with us. And has made some big changes in her way of acting. She discovered more and more things, and is now really acting like a dog should. For example, she didn't know how to play!!. That was totally new for her. We bought several dog toy's and encouraged her to start do something with them. First 5 balls she just tarred them to peaces or ate them. But after a while, she knew that throwing a bal that makes noises also, can be a lot of fun!!! Now she just can't get enough from her ball, she is treating it like a big treasure.

Still she is a very busy dog, but she has been settling herself quit well. Other people would rather prefer to get rit of such a busy dog. But for us she is such a sweetheart. And has gone trough some rough things in her young life. We just hope we can enjoy her company for a long time.

Niki has the time of her life, with al the snow that is falling!! She is really enjoying it as you can see. We are so pleased to see her develop as very happy dog.




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