Our beloved Bellina, we had to let her go.

Words cannot describe how we feel with this loss.

The D&P Coons Clan in our house will never be the same without Bellien. She was a kind of mom for Laan and Delphi.

Now she is gone, we miss her in all of the daily things, she was always around, with all the things to do in the house. At breakfast she was the first on the counter. She needed the Coffee creamer, at cleaning the house, she was always laying in the way. Or helping to get the windows clean. At going to the toilet, Bellien had to sit on my lap. At making dinner, she always needed to taste the meat first. At making dinner for the dogs, she needed to test if the dog food was ok for eating. And at night, we miss her loud purring, and her "loving" Kisses and chews on our noses and cheeks. It's clear we just miss her presents. And so does Laantje and Delphi they miss their "Mom" too.

Goodbye Bellien you were such a special girl. We will never forget you. And I'm sure we will meet again some day.


Hugs & Kisses's Endless Energy


Born 02-12-2007 - Passed away 11-12-2007


Energy has given up his energy to life. He struggled hard but to this terrible pneumonia he couldn't fight any longer.

Energy passed away in the night of 11th December 2007. We will miss him terrible with his sounds and his purrs. We would have love to see how he would grow out into a beautiful and handsome boy. But mother nature had other plans.

Hugs & Kisses's Comanche Chase

Born 17-11-2003 - Passed away 25-11-2003

This was the third kitten of the C litter. Unfortuanally he died when he was just 8 day's old. He had a navel infection. And despite the help of our vet, he didn't make it.

We were very sad about this. And we will never forget this beautiful boy.

We take comfort out of the thought that he is having a wonderful live behind the Rainbow Bridge.

Lord Eros de Heijcopper

Born 31-07-1994 - Passed away 15-02-2005


In life we wont' forget you

And all the love you gave

Our meeting it was meant to be

With memories engraved


We never will forget you

With gentle thoughts we share

You always are a part of us

The love that stays right here


A day in life will not go by

When we won't think of you

The joy you gave to all of us

The love that was so true


We know that you're safely home

In places that are blest

Our hearts forever with you there

Where loyal hearts live best



The poem above is a peace of Francine Pucillo's Poetry. 



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