All our Coons will enjoy their lives as happy neuters.

But we do have some happy news too. We will welcome a new family member at the end of July. He's completely different than a Coon. But we know for sure, he will bring a lot of happiness in our home.

Hugs & Kisses's Maine Coons welcomes Freddy van Scarlettini in our home. Soon more about Freddy

17-10-2010 Jack has found a new and loving home!! We are sure he is going to settle in well
27-9-2010 News on the kitten page. Jack is in option. Er is momenteel een optie op Jack
16-09-2010 Lovely Cuddle Boy is searching for a loving home.

Lieve Knuffel Kater zoekt Liefdevol huis kijk voor meer info bij de Kittenpagina

17-03-2010 New frontpage. If we are lucky Spring will arrive soon. We hope!!!
15-03-2010 Laantje had her 6th Birthday!
17-02-2010 All kittens of D&P Coons have found new homes.
08-02-2010 Dreamy had her 9th Birthday!
10-01-2010 New photo's of the D&P Coons Litter, New photo's of Niki, She enjoys the snow!!!
09-12-2009 New photo's of the D&P Coons Litter, New front page
27-11-2009 New Lay out and new photo's of the Cats, Offspring, Caitlyn

Also sad news on the Memory page

But we also have good news, on the Kitten Page.


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