This is our first Maine Coon male we call him "Tress"

Tress is a very loving cat, he likes everybody. Always working to keep the peace in our home. When one of the other coons is teasing the other. tress starts to act like a police man, and will "arrest" the coon who started the fight. Tress really hates fights in the house. So this way he keeps the peace in the house. 

Tress is a very playful cat, he likes to run, climb, aport, and loves to play with water. When he was just a little kitten, he jumped into our pond. I thought he would never go outside again. But to my surprise, he just loved it! If he has to go into bath, because he has to go to a show. He really loves it. Also when we take a shower. Our big guy comes to join us. 

Tress is also a very social cat, every new cat who comes into our house. he will teach the rules in our home. And of course he also has to teach the naughty things.

Tress has been neutered on the age of 9 month's. so he is living a easy going life.

Treasure's Parents:







Erik & Patricia van Ingen

Nijmegen/ Netherlands

Phone: (0031)(0)24 3785867

GSM: 06-20910801

Email: hugsandkisses@chello.nl