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Welcome to Rhodes

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Harbour of Rhodes-city.

What is there to say about Rhodos? Rhodes-city is a nice place to start your holiday, because you can’t miss it; this city is full with sidewalk-cafés, disco’s, shops of all kinds and food from Chinese, Dutch to Greek a.s.o. There are decadent hotels, a beautiful old city where you can find a lot of wonderful things and on the outside of the city are nice beaches. Everyone who does not mind the hustle of this city will have here a pleasant holiday. And if you don’t enjoy the hustle, like we do, in spring and autum it is of course much more quiet and outside of Rhodes-city you can absolutely experience the real Greek atmosphere. So if you love Greece as much as we do, besides all the other places, you have to see Rhodes. Beneath you see a collection of our holiday pictures and when you have something special, you can send it to me and if I put it on this site, I will let you know.

Here are some pictures of the old city of Rhodes. We have been walking around here for several days; because it is far more quiet then the city itself. The palace of the Grandmasters, that you will see regular on this page, was build in the 14th century by the Johanniter.In later times it is damaged by several earthquakes and after an explosion in 1856 there is not much left anymore. What you can see these days, is that the palace is rebuild again and the result is very good.

This is one of the entrance gates to the old city of Rhodes. One of many alleys Inner court of the Grandmasters. Inner court of the Grandmasters. This is the beautiful park that surrounds the palace. and here you  must be for the latest gossip. One of many alleys
Palace of the Grandmasters. One of many alleys Always and everywhere you find Greek cats This is the entrance to the old city coming from the west and here you experience immediately the hustle and bustle from Rhodes. This is a quiet alley in the old city with nice sidewalk-café's in the shadow. The palace keeps your attention from all sides. This park is very nice to see, but when we were there a few years ago, the animals in the park  were treated so bad that is a shame for Rhodes. I hope that this has changed in the meantime, if you know more, please let me know.

Beneath you see the village of Lindos; this is one of the main attractions of Rhodes. Lindos is especially known for its Acropolis and the village itself with its white washed houses with red roofs. If you like to go to Lindos, do it in the morning, because it takes severe climbing to the Acropolis and in the afternoon it is much to hot to do it. For those who can’t climb, you can use donkeys which are waiting for you below., but walking is much nicer. Besides Lindos is very touristic with many tourist shops, bars and discos, but it makes a enjoyable commotion and if you have seen Lindos, at the base of this village is a very nice bay where you can have a pleasant swim.

View over Lindos from the Acropolis. This is the Acropolis from Lindos from where you have a wonderful view.

What is really worth paying a visit, is Kalithea. The bath compound with its warm water wells is build by the Italians in 1912 in oriental style. But the wells did exist before Christ was born. Hippocrates was already speaking about the health effects of the water, especially for the liver, kidneys and rheumatism. Unfortunately it is out of use since the second world war, but the compound is situated in a beautiful park with a lot of palm trees, well kept hedges and nice columns. At the base of the wells it is good bathing in a small inlet. Really worth paying a visit.

The bath houses of Kalithea. The bath houses of Kalithea.

Here we are in Ialyssos with its monastery and Acropolis (the remains are hardly to see).It is situated at the height of 267 meter with a lovely view. The road goes via hairpins with cypresses and pine trees at each side of the road, so it smells wonderful.

Staircase to the monastery of Ialýssos. Above the monastery of Ialýssos. View from the Acropolis to Rhodes-city.

One of the excursions you can make goes from Rhodos to Symi; a boat trip brings you first of all to the Panormitis monastery. This is one of the most beautiful monasteries of Greece. You can only come here by boat, because it is quit deserted but the landscape is magnificent. This monastery dates from then 12th century and it is still in good condition. Many Greek from the Dodekanesos, go on pilgrimage twice a year to this place where 500 beds are waiting for them. After the visit to this monastery the boat leaves for Symi-city and it is so nice that you want to stay for a few days. Symi is especially known for its sponges, which you can buy here in all sizes thinkable.

This priest was always in for small talk with people. Panormitis monastery. Panormitis monastery.
Welcome committee in Symi-city Arrival in the harbour from Symi-city. Symi-city. View through one of the streets in Symi-city. Baker in Symi-city.


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