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pythagoras Lets start in Pythagorion; this is a reasonably touristic village with one of the most beautiful little harbours in Greece. Here you will find restaurants and sidewalk cafés right on the waterfront where you can eat well and enjoy the view. If you walk from the harbour into the streets, you will find very nice restaurants and they are not expensive. We found a very pleasant restaurant named Limani; here they have the most tasteful scampies and there is a beautiful view at the harbour, but it has its price. Further on the main road you will find supermarkets, a greengrocer and a bakery, all with a broad selection. You will also find a bank with a cash-machine, several tourists shops and the possibility to hire a moped or car. For mopeds you need a certificate if you don't have a drivers license.

Here at the left site of the harbour, you can see the statue of Pythagoras.

So as you can see, there are giant boats in the harbour.                  

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Beneath there are several photos of nice places on the island, if you click at these pictures, you will get a new page and an enlarged photo. Besides you get a tour around the island. Have a nice time!

tunnel of eupalinos

tunnel of eupalinos

chappel of madonna

goat ship

nice on the mopped

This tunnel is build by Polykrates in the 6th.century BC. and it is 1064 m. long. It was digged out from the Samos side as well as from the Pythagorion side. You wil find it just outsite Pythagorion. When they met in the middle, the difference was less than a meter! It was used for water suppliance for Samos town and as a hiding place. This chapel you will find in the grotto beneath the monastery of Panaghia Spiliani and it is close to the tunnel.

Yannis with his goat arranges boat trips from the harbour of Pythagorion. He is known by everybody who has been there. Have a seat at a sidewalk-café across his boat and you will have a nice evening.

On a moped we explored the inland of Samos and in the background you see Turkey.

here a road sign!


terrace in Vourliotes



On a sandy path on a moped and what did we see? Yes, a road sign, so you will not be lost here! This village is situated at the height of 350 m. You have to ride via winding and steep roads, but the view is marvellous!

Vourliotes is a very quiet village with very few tourists and if you have a seat at this little square by this tavern, you will not have the urge to leave.

On your way to Manolates, close to Vourliotes, you will have this wonderful view. Manolates is also a very quiet village and is known by its wonderful flowers.




samos city


Manolates is also a wine village and you can find here some studios where you absolutely have to go to. Close to this well, you find a simple tavern where you can eat Greek salad and sit in the shade. This chameleon caused almost an accident; he crossed the road very relaxed and we let him go, of course. And here you see Samos-city, where all boats and cruise-ships arrive. That is why it is a very busy city, but you can have a nice stroll and a drink at the many sidewalk-cafés while you watch the crowd passing by. From this place, close to the Monastery of Monï Zoödochou Pïgïs, that is situated close to Samos-city, you will have a wonderful view.






This is the beach from the last picture. Particularly Greek are coming here and a few lost tourists. So this is a very quiet place. Here you view Pagondas; this village is situated at 16 km. from Pythagorion. Especially the road to this village is very beautiful. AT this square with a few kafenios, almost only Greek are coming, but you will have a nice view at the traditional buildings. This Chef liked to pose while he was cooking lamb or something like that. We saw this reservoir in the woods behind Pythagorion on the way to Mytilini.




just beautiful


What you really have to do, is visit some monasteries. These monasteries are usually hidden in the woods and they have a spirit of calmness that is so typically Greek. Words are redundant, just take a break and enjoy being here. You find it just outsite Pythagorion on your way to the Heraion. Regularly you have to leave the sealed roads to enjoy all the beautiful things on Samos. In Greece you will be passing by this sort of traffic very often and I hope this will stay ever after.





this is it!!!!!

At this place there once was a temple dedicated to the goddess Hera. The Heraion you can find at 7 km. from Pythagorion. Just walk around and let history do its work. Everywhere in Greece you will find cats and when you are eating you will never be alone!> After a tiring day it is wonderful to take a swim in your "own" swimming pool.

coast road




Most of the roads at Samos are of good quality, like this one. This is the road from Samos-city to Karlovasi.

Especially at this site of the coast the sea can be pretty rough. Above you see Kokkari; this village is almost one long street with shops, taverns, hotels, etc and a long beach.

The way to this village is very long when you are riding on a moped, so if you want to do this, better hire a car in Pythagorion.

Jamas ! or Cheers ! in English, we had a good time.

So, this was Samos; I shall try to update this page as often as possible, so if you can help me with some interesting things, you are welcome. I forgot to tell you that if you want to make an excursion to Patmos or to Turkey, you better find a tourist office. You will pay less. From that money you can have a nice meal! Enjoy Samos, it has stolen our harts!

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