Christina Milian - Am to pm

Somebody hit the lights,
So we can rock it day and night
Peolpe gettin down, that's right...from AM to PM
Everybody lookin'like stars
All the chicks and the fellas in the bars
All of y'all bumpin' this in your cars..from AM to PM

Everybody wanna get down, when ya hear the sound and bump ya bump the beat
3-65 days a year, 24a day, 7 days a week
Now when you're drivin' in your 4 x 4 and u turn this up on your stereo
Whether night or day, nonstop ya play, and u know u still want more, so...

Find a honey thats standing on the wall
All the girls get their guys on the floor
From the front to the back, let's go, hear this...

>>repeat chorus<<

>>2nd verse<<
Everybody in the club, c'mon, keep bobbin'ya head now 2 this song
Ya got the beats and breaks, and ya body shakin', we're doin' it all night long
Any time or place, any place or time, no we don''t need no sleep
3-65 days a year, 24a day, 7 days a week, so...

>>repeat pre-chorus<<

>>repeat chorus 2x<<

From the front to the back, c'mon and bob your heads (yeaah)
3-65 day's a year, 24 a day(yeaah)
No , we don't need no sleep, all night we rock that beat
So you'll know what to do, just make ya move and make ya move

>>repeat pre-chorus<<

>>repeat chorus2x<<

From AM to PM