About Jinyoki

Benjamin Bakker aka Jinyoki was inspired making electronical music in the begin of the '90's. Using a single computer (Atari) and tracker programs like Protracker, Noicetracker and Octalyzer he started producing ...
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Over the years Jinyoki has made paintings and drawings frequently. These were mostly very abstract. In 2003 he started working at the Gallery 'M-art Arnhem Productions' as graphic designer. At this gallery I learned very much about art.
some of my creations.

Graphic Design
Because of the music and paintings he started making his own website. Jin was enjoying this very much, every 2 weeks his website was optimized and changed ;)
By making more and more websites for others, and starting designing logo's, flyers etc. as well, this became more seriously.

This was the beginning of his company Ribbit Design which he is running since 2003. The company is now specialised in webdesign, graphic design and internet services.

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