A review about the Dutchbreakz cd.

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A review about the Dutchbreakz cd.
This review has been published on, you can read it here.

A review written by Zaphod B

Jinyoki aka 2B (Drum and Bass)
Jinyoki uses a single computer to make his music. And listening to his tracks it becomes immediately clear that he doesn't need the stacks of gear other musicians do. Maybe I should sell some of mine ....

Although I think that there should be a lot of minimalism involved in all DnB-tracks the variety of rhythms and sounds Jinyoki uses keeps on surprising me without ever giving me the impression that I'm listening to something that does not qualify to be called DnB anymore.

I never get bored listen to his beats nor do I get the feeling that I have to disentangle myself from complex threads of percussive sounds in which I get stuck after a while (this is what happens if I listen to freestyle jazz and such like). There is a perfect balance between what I've learned to expect in DnB and what surprises me and keeps me interested.

So, let's say it out loud: this man is one hell of a percussionist. I've never met him in person but as soon as I do I think my idea about him being one of these people who are continuously tapping fragments of rhythms on whatever comes within reach of their hands will be confirmed.

If you listen closely to this track what you notice is that J uses his percussive surprises only when and where they are needed. He never overdoes it. So unlike dance tracks which seem to draw their appeal more and more from overusing specific sounds and special effects (Cher c.s.) J's music is based on cleverly applied diversity.

J has put a lot of his music on the net so I'd suggest you check out his other tracks as well:

1) It may take years
A bit dark, but not depressing, nicely paced superb piece of workmanship. I think this track would do great at a party.

2) Turning Back
If you want to test your Bass speakers, this is THE track. While listening to this even at a modest volume, wind was blowing through my hair from my monitor speakers.

3) Wake up
This definately is my favourite track. Some 7 minutes of surprising ways to use percussion. Not really a dance track but a great listening experience.

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