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JaFO's pickups pack (version 2.2)

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Powerpills in DM-Insidious

Download JaFO's pickup-pack version 2.2 (zip)

Features :

  • Powerpill pickup : a pickup that instantly activates an associated combo.
  • SuperPowerpill pickup : a pickup that instantly activates an associated combo.
    The combo can change after each pickup ...
  • SuperPowerpill mutator: changes adrenaline pills into Superpowerpills
  • a mylevel-package to make including it into map easier
  • custom 'PowerPill'-staticmesh package by "ChainsawMonkey" ( http://www.soundofcreation.co.uk )

Powerpill pickup

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Features :

  • a pickup that instantly activates an associated combo
  • the amount of adrenaline added can be set per pill
  • negative amounts are possible ...

Powerpills mutator

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Replaces all adrenaline pills with the powerpill-pickup.

Settings in [JaFOpupack2.MutSuperPowerPills] in MutSuperPowerPills.ini :

  • bDebug :
    Log info about the powerpills if set to 'True'

  • PowerpillFactor :
    Choose how many adrenaline pills are replaced by a single powerpill
    default = 4 adrenaline pills = 1 powerpill

  • bSequence :
    use the associated combo's in sequence.

  • bRandomFirstPick :
    makes sure the first time the combo is random.

  • bChangeAfterPickup :
    change the associated combo and power every time you pick the powerpill.

  • Combo :
    The combo-move/power to activate and the amount of adrenaline to add, the mesh and skin to use.
    default :
    • Combo[0]=(ComboClassname="XGame.ComboInvis",MinPower=10,MaxPower=100,

    • Combo[1]=(ComboClassname="XGame.ComboSpeed",MinPower=10,MaxPower=100,

    • Combo[2]=(ComboClassname="XGame.ComboDefensive",MinPower=10,MaxPower=100,

    • Combo[3]=(ComboClassname="XGame.ComboBerserk",MinPower=10,MaxPower=100,

    • Combo[4]=(ComboClassName="Bonuspack.ComboCrate",MinPower=10,MaxPower=100,

    • Combo[5]=(ComboClassName="Bonuspack.ComboMiniMe",MinPower=10,MaxPower=100,

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