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Mutators for UT2003

Release Candidate 1 available

Last updated on :

New features as of RC1 :

  • voicepack-preview fixed
  • unicode ascii-files supported
  • support for alternate directory-structure of UT'03

This will be the last version for UT'03.
A UT'04-compatible version will arrive 'when it is done!(tm)'.

Download JBM v2.5 RC1 here
or see Files-section

Patch to fix annoying bugs!

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Date : 8-3-2003

New features as of :

  • voicepack-preview (or should that be 'pre-listen' ?) available at 'details'-tab
  • voicepack-preview dialog improved & enhanced
  • new parameter '/LOG' will force the program to create a log-file
  • various tweaks & bug-fixes ...

Or see Files-section for the latest version

JaFO's Botmanager v2.0 is here !

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Date : 13-4-2002

New features :

  • Wizard that makes adding new bots a matter of seconds
  • Random namegenerator ... never be without a name
  • Create ut2mods and/or zip-archives containing all you need to install the characters
  • install new characters straight from the ut2mod or zip-archive
  • Edit the custom bots just like you can do in UT'03 ... but now you can change their names as well !

Or see Files-section for the latest version

Improved powerpills & new feauture !

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Date : 7-4-2002

I have added a simple version of the powerpill-pickup (which has 1 fixed combo) to the package.

There is a new combo-move to test as well ...

Custom staticmesh for powerpills !

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Date : 9-3-2002

Thanks to "ChainsawMonkey" ( http://www.soundofcreation.co.uk ) the powerpills now have their own staticmesh.

See the 'mutator'-section for more info.

Powerpills in DM-Insidious

Powerpills improved

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Date : 9-3-2002

I've fixed a minor problem and changed the mesh of the 'pills' to something a little more unique.

See the 'mutator'-section for more info.

New item : mutator

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Date : 9-3-2002

I've added a new section for the 'powerpills'-pickup I've written. So far I have only tested it off-line with bots, altough it should work on-line too.

See the 'mutator'-section for more info.

The powerpills-mutator has been updated and now can be configured from within the game.

New Botmanager is available

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Date : 16-2-2002

See the Downloads for the location of the file.

Features :

  • edit existing (bot)character-files (the files with the UPL-extension in your UT2003-directory)
  • search the UT'03 packages for the names of the textures, voicepacks, ragdolls & meshes
  • template-system : quickly assign fun skill-settings to bots
  • skill-randomizer: give a bot a random set of skills
  • automatic creation & compiling of the required packages for the 'server skin pushing'-feature in v2186 (*)

(*) : * warning : use this item at your own risk ! *
See the official tutorial for full instructions on how to use the resulting packages.

Support for UT'03 patch 2186

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Date : 6-2-2002

The new patches that have been released changed and added quite a few things. One of them was support for pushing custom-content (= skins & playermodels) to clients. However since it requires a tiny bit of Unrealscript it is possible to automatically generate the classes required. The next version of the botmanager will have this feature. There have been a few improvements to the GUI as well as some bugfixing, but that's not too exciting, or is it ?

Expect to see the release 'real soon' altough it's possible to get yourself a beta for testing purposes by sending me an e-mail.

Version 1.1 has arrived !

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Date : 22-10-2002

After a few delays and quite a bit of tinkering, testing and debugging version 1.1 is finished.

The biggest change is the fact that custom-content is supported and that biographies can be added or changed.

See the readme.txt that has been included for details and post comments here or here or mail them to me.

In other news : I've deleted the old versions of the Bot-editor & Botmanager from my site.

Voices can be changed !

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Date : 22-10-2002

Great news ! Thanks to this tutorial I now know how to change the voices for the bots.

There is only the voicepack on that page (sadly it only has taunts) at this moment. In the botmanager you'll only have access to all the default voicepacks. That's at least better than nothing at all, isn't it ?

Links are on the Downloads-section.

Botmanager for UT 2003 is here !

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Date : 19-10-2002

The few betatesters that did respond to my request didn't find a lot of bugs, so it's as ready for release as it ever could be.

The only new thing that's been added was support for the 'skeleton'-playermodels that you've probably seen in deathscenes in UT'03. Unfortunately only the 'male'- & 'juggernaut'-variants have visible weapons, so chosing either the female or alien skeleton is not exactly recommended.

For a few pretty pictures of the thing follow this link and this one.

You can get it from my site using this link. It's only for Windows ... but you were smart enough to see that, weren't you ? ;)

Mirrors for the file :

Planet Unreal has it here (769 downloads at the time of writing this ... :))

http://www.ut2003hq.com has it on their site : link

What's been happening ?

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Date : 9-10-2002

Several things of course. The Unreal-Fortress team released the Extra's pack a little while ago. The Bot-editor was included in he package, so my quest for world domination continues ... *evil grin*

*eh* I think I shouldn't have said that, but anyway ... download it, because there are a few very good maps in there too.

And of course the release of Unreal Tournament 2003 hasn't passed me by unnoticed. It's a winner I'd say. The bots are pretty damned good at the lowest skill-settings when compared to the old bots.

The only 'sad' part is that you can't change the bot-skills & -details from within the GUI. However have no fear, help is near ! I already was planning on making a version for UT'03 ... so expect to see it 'real soon'. I can't say anything more than that at I've made some pretty decent progress. Because I plan to release it as soon as possible there won't be any fancy features in the first release. That sort of stuff will have to wait until I understand how UT'03 handles custom-content, which at the moment is in short supply.

If you like to help in getting this thing tested and you have either Windows 2000 or Windows XP then mail me using this link and you'll be the first to test this new program. Even if you only use Win98SE or WinME you can mail me too. I simply don't have access to Win2k & XP so that's the only reason betatesters that have those systems will be preferred.

New version released ...

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Date : 7-8-2002

It's available directly from my site from this link.

And for the people that have downloaded Unreal Fortress Gold, there's a special suprise ...

JBE v2.55 Unreal Fortress Gold special releasedate.

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Date : 21-7-2002

An updated version of JBE will be available at the same time as Unreal Fortress Gold is released.

I've added & fixed a few links on the links-page.

The JBE v2.5 review is in ...

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Date : 20-4-2002

Modsquad reviewed the last version (link). It looks like (almost) everyone is happy with this new version, so it's not just me.

I just wish there were no idiots posting useless comments, so I'll repeat what I've written in the readme :

Contact - info :

Just in case you don't have an ICQ-clientprogram : Trillian is an excellent freeware program that can do both.

It's here !

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Date : 29-3-2002

What more can I say ? Go get it !

Yes, it is here. A little earlier than expected, but as I hadn't received any bugreports today and because I've fixed every single bug that was reported.
So I've uploaded the final version ...here

Update ...

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Date : 24-3-2002

With the next version almost complete ... it's time for me to update the website too. I'll list a few of the 'major' changes for the utility (full details will be in the readme.txt once it's released).

  • automatically finds the correct skins for each model ...
  • namegenerators : no need to face Visse & co again, give them all a new name
  • X-bots mutator-support : if 32 bots weren't enough then you can define even more bots now ...
  • break the 32 model barrier : UT only lists 32 of all available models ... now you can select them all.
  • easy navigation & selection of bots thanks to a quicklist ...
  • randomize the 'detail-settings' for a set of bots at once
  • 'realism' check for Infiltration-loadouts
  • special support for Unreal Fortress Beta2v8 ...
  • Added basic support for 'Defence Alliance Beta 1' & 'Airfight Beta 3'
  • various bugfixes

Almost forgot that the utility was reviewed on ModSquad see this link
I guess I should have made it painfully obvious the program doesn't run on a Macintosh.
And never mind the fact that my e-mail adres is in the about.txt ... so people who experience problems can contact me.


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Date : 27-11-2001


I forgot the downloads ... They should work now. :)

Some history ...

Now that the Bot-editor is nearly finished the site gets an update too. For those that are see this site for the first time, a little 'history'.

I've always thought that the way you set the attibutes for bots in Unreal Tournament was a bit too slow to be useful. Then there was the fact that I had some space for a website (about 10 Mb) that wasn't used at all. So when I read that another member of the Infiltration-forums by the name of 'DLL' was planning to build something like it, I thought to myself : "what the hell let's try this too".

So that's how it all started less than a year ago. Now I've recently released v2.0 and the utility is 'feature complete'. There still is a lot of stuff to add though, so there will be updates like support for more mods & playermodels.

Site content ...

In the 'downloads'-section you'll find the latest version, which is v2.0 at the moment. The 'manual'-section will have the manual & the screenshots of the latest version. And as a final item there is the 'links'-section with interesting links. (Do'h! ;))

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