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Welcome on the homepage of "Het geslacht Fruining"

Many hours of work have been put into the research and documentation of these ancestors. I hope you will enjoy the history and genealogyco information . The family tree of the Fruining family is traced back to Johan Godfried Fruining born in the year 1793 in Delft , the Netherlands. The family-tree is updated to the year 2004. I have done my best to compose this site with due care. If you have any comments however, please send me an e-mail. Thank you for visiting "Het Geslacht Fruining".


I search for every information about persons with the name Freuning, Frewen, Frewing, Fruin, Fruing, Fruining, Fruinink. All indications to families with these names or the names

Aurin, Lut, Schraag, Schild and Prot  can be important to me and help me to find more members of my family tree. It would be a pleasure to interchange information. You can send me a E-mail if you have any questions or require information. All the ancestors I  found are listed alphabetical at the page " Personenlijst ". At the link page you'll find links with other homepages.


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