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Do you Shaq-Fu?


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It receives a whopping "79" total score!

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Memorable quotes:
"So how involved has Shaq been in the development? "Shaq has really got into it."..."In fact, we were a little concerned that he was too involved."
"In this way (i.e. realism), he said, his team thinks Shaq is going to be as good as or even better than SFII or Mortal Kombat."

The Neverhood Klay Walls
The complete text of the Neverhood Klay Walls
The Adventures of Batman & Robin (Genesis) FAQ
The Adventures of Batman & Robin FAQ (Genesis)

Please do mirror these texts if you have the means.
Should you find any spelling errors, please sent me an email and I'll check it against the book itself.

Gopi Krishna - Kundalini the evolutionary energy in man (with psychological commentary) (updated on 9/5/2004)
Gopi Krishna - Kundalini the evolutionary energy in man (with psychological commentary) (zip) (updated on 9/5/2004)

Gopi_Krishna_-_Ancient_Secrets_of_Kundalini_v1.9_(HTML)_(Cover) (updated on 20/11/2004)
Gopi_Krishna_-_Ancient_Secrets_of_Kundalini_v1.9_(HTML)_(Cover) (zip) (updated on 20/11/2004)

A.B._Purani_-_Evening_Talks_With_Sri_Aurobindo_(First_Series)_(1_Of_3)_v1.8_(HTML) (updated on 1/7/2004)
A.B._Purani_-_Evening_Talks_With_Sri_Aurobindo_(First_Series)_(1_Of_3)_v1.8_(HTML) (zip) (updated on 1/7/2004)

More books by Gopi Krishna can be found at this website. This website is not made by me.

More books coming!

Picture showing compatibility between Sega CD and Genesis 2 taken from the Mickey Mania (Sega CD) manual
Mickey Mania

Picture of Creative Labs 3D Blaster VLB version with Glint chip.
3D Blaster

This file contains EISA config files for Everex EISA boards. I have tried and use it on the EV-3605 and EV-18210 Step V/L boards. This file is, as far as I know, only available from only one other site on the web. Please mirror it if you also find it useful.

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