The V.I.A. is a 4 member group founded in 2001. It al started with a instrumental record of Incarcerated Scarfaces, they dropped some lines on that beat and were amazed by the results of it. Shortly after that we recorded the tracks “Power, Interception and Wont Back Up at Dj Devastate’s. From their hometown Drachten they recieved a lot of props en decieded to take this a step further and more seriously. In the early stages of V.I.A. they were a rapcrew with 8 members. They still have that crew but they specialiced their style into a 4 man crew with a lot of fanatic followers. The next step was to create their own beats, with a little bit of help from some friends they managed to create their own beats named “SpeesBiets”. They did some shows in the Netherlands and made some money with wich they recorded some tracks at Greenland Studios. These tracks are circulating on the internet and thats the reason why a lot of people know what the V.I.A. is capable of. They bring fresh HipHop music with some sort of reagea flavour in the chorusses and sometimes a pop like chorus.