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Kees Veenenbos' artist impressions of Mars (courtesy of NASA)
based upon the nearby sf-trilogy of Kim StanleyRobinson, beautiful virtual sceneries. 
February 2002 - Welcome to the first English site"- of ETLD, the first born of the community. This is actually the first site i made myself, ever. These English pages started in the last quarter of 2000, as some sort of announcement. It contains nothing more than the present  one except for the emphasis on Mars. and the writing I had te do  about the 9-11 events 

Richard Reekers (initiator

    November 2nd, 2001 -- Look how far we have come in 150 thousand years. Look back and forth at humanity's cultures, and at all facets of (possible) input. 

    Look at the whole of nature. Back and forth, at the unimagineable dynamics and its in- and output. Look, as far as YOU can see. And (you'll) be amazed. The beauty, the scales. 

    Allah? Budha? Jaweh? Jehove? Does it matter? Does it really matter?? Twice the Unimagineable... (And besides: If "Father" is so good, why would He make so much fuzz about honouring??) 

    Creationistis and (neo-)Darwinians, two parallels intersecting in Infinity... 

    Look how far we have come in 150 thousand years. You and I, members of one of the youngest species around. 150.000 Is nothing. I want to live. I want my daughters to live. And they'll want the same for (t)heirs. 

    I want to know.  

    We have to know. We've left the Aboriginal cultural model long time ago, and many individuals lead prosperous lives. But market economy has its weaker sides. For instance: our global dominance is not always that tolerant for other cultures and ecology. 

    7 oktober 2001, 6.30 pm (EST) -- So now it has begun. In the following days and months we are to learn how much the troubles will effect the eventual course of the 21st century. At these times little images encourage hope and confidence. Such as the CNN-pictures with "courtesy of Al Jazeera". Two logo's, not conflicting with eachother and neatly presented aside the horror. Guest and host informing us.  

    This is not about religion. This is something between poor and rich. After the storm we've got to act. Not only rebuilding the damage on both sides, but working together for a better basement and structure of our a mutual home.  


    "Judgement Day won't come until the desert is transformed into a sea of flowers". 

    20 September 2001 -- We must find something of common interest. Something that makes us "world civilians". Something besides that one world topic today: money. Also something easier to obtain, with traditional and new communication tools for instance. Bonding Mankind. That something in our view is the Universe, and our role in it. Insignificant, so far, but already as remarkable as bacteria. Listen to Arthur C. Clarke and Eugene Shoemaker and to many others. The greatness is amidst us all.  

    September 11th, 2001
    to my neighbours
    It's hard to keep faith,
    when new vulnerability is revealed.
    It's harder to stay pure, 
    with your people covered in blood & dust.
    It's the hardest to await so many someones, 
    who do not come home.
    But still, 
    sometime, somehow,
    far from now,
    it weakens. 
    Till then 
    don't grow 
    something harder 
    than hardest.
    More than strength!

    Latest report (July 11, 2001):  Life on Mars, by Leonard David of Space.Com 

    Space, the final frontier… 
    These are the webpages for people this header means something   

    This is an attempt to shorten time. Shorten time to the future. Welcome to Extra-Terrestrial Life Development (ETLD), welcome to Two names, one concept. The first:  a commercial initiative, the latter a society with members. Both are hallmarks. Signs of approval which say that the company, the product or the project which bares it, wants more space exploration in general and more Mars-research in particular. We believe it is time. Time for the future in society today.  

    There is a market for the wonders of life, the wonders of evolution, the wonders of the great numbers of physics, the cosmos, the unimaginable large, the unimaginable little. Not in a religious way, but just as it is. And as withcoming side-effect: researching and exploring for later, feed awareness today. 

    Why Mars?  
    A.    According to the relevant established scientific community Mars is very likely to be the best candidate to host the first extra-terrestrial (planetary) human settlements.  

    B.    Mars is also very much present in the programs of the leading space agencies (NASA, ESA, the Chinese), and the accounts are growing.  

    C.    In reference of the ongoing growth and airplay of free media (traditional and the Internet) the Red Planet is spectacular but Earth-like enough for continuous coverage. Real and virtual.  

    This concept sees high-potential opportunities to be one of the first customer-driven enhancers of the way A, B and C are related and integrated to eachother.  

    Customer Driven?  
    Thanks to the ongoing automating processes and system enhancements companies grow to each other in terms of: quality, price, obtainability (road traffic and Internet) and Training & HRM. Advertisment or marketing communication -- the story you tell (and how) -- becomes more and more the only distinguisher against the competition.  

    These communication strategies are also submitted to the continuos search for excellence and smart efficiency. At the same time these marketing strategies are also available on that very same free market. Besides non-commercial organisations also the media have to develop accumulating better ways to reach out. To be heared. And in the midst of all this: the individual. From the toddler buggy to the grave: we learn. Faster and faster. We grow more aware. Compare yourself and your views with those of your grandparents at your age.  

    Walk the Talk  
    The consequence for organisations is now easy: you have got to tell a GOOD story. You have got to "walk the talk". And it doesn't matter what kind of topic you choose; GOOD is better to market than bad or evil. Companies who strive for excellence better choose a width spread and interesting motto; your customer-group becomes your one-product community. And if you walk the talk, they stay and accumulate.  

    A high-potential subject to choose is SPACE. It applies (again) to the common nature of the homo sapiens sapiens. To conquest and explore. Extra-Terrestrial Life Development and/or are going to be "logo's". One-glimpse messages to the public which say: This company walks the talk on our way to Mars. And HELL we're gonna make it! We want to know.  
    Yet religious? 
    But "heaven" along the way.  Everything we learn in the process to such a monstrous mission, we adapt in everyday life. With that we enhance today, and we take account for "our talk". 
    "With which submotto's?" Well, the customer chooses, and the ETLD-logo, the companies who bare it, listen and hire/delegate established but broadminded scientists to advise. One-step ahead, and the public, the customers, the (community) members reward. Listening, adapting, advising, listening, adapting... on and on. And again, the submotto's? We don't know. We don't want to know at this stage. What we do know is: Building a new world upon a new world. 
    What will our descendants eat? Over there, under atmospherical bubbles, and every square centimetre a gold's worth? Meat, fish, or…? Water management, an other example. Water is precious. There and then, but also in the Sahel-countries here and now. Don't rule societal matters out. How are they going to organise it?   

    Our knowledge, about everything, has to be stretched out over the borders of the present. If we choose for such a future. If this community is going to be strong enough. But if we do, there will be spin-off towards enhancing life on Earth along the way. Because we want it. The customer, the organisations, the partners. Other futures for other communities lay also ahead. Consider the links under "disasterous"  

    This conceptual bridge is not religious, but offers "more sense" towards the consumer society we have become. And more sense for the upcoming nations in Africa, South-America, and Asia. For the people over there want to enjoy life like we do.  
    And political?   
    Politicians, also submitted to marketing-processes, will listen when they see a prosperous community. And once grabbed in this vortex, they have got to... walk the talk. ETLD/ wants to be a movement. And it welcomes (very much) other future-concerning ideas. Communityforming only works when individuals are able to choose. We think we are going to make a difference. The more alternatives, the brighter ours must be. The harder we must compete, the faster we will be on track.  

    "What can I do?"  
    Tell this around, and maybe there is an organisation close to you, which can identify itself with these ideas. If so, please contact me, and one way or another we'll find a way to combine forces. Mind you, there can only be one representative (with real vision) per sector. "How many branches does ETLD/ exist of?" Well, how many branches do you need to: build a new world upon a new world…? 

    In the meantime, we will go on operationalize the contacts we have made in the past four years, here in Holland. There is interest enough, but the more partners this gets, the stronger it will be launched. Hope to hear from you soon, you will from us! 

    Richard Reekers 

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