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On this website I will show you, how I restore my M151A2 jeep. It all started years ago, when I first saw a M151A2. I then knew I had to have one too. I always favorited the Willy's MB but these days I like the looks of the M151A2 better. After some years of searching and saving, the time finally arrived to go buy one. I found mine at Reomie in Ooij near the city of Nijmegen (The Netherlands, see links page for there site). After I made the deal with the local salesman, he was so kind to load it on the trailer I rented.
A college of mine (whom has a big Japanese Something FourWheelDrive) was so friendly to tow the combination home. It took me a complete day to get it were I wanted it. So now restoration is on it's way.
You can browse this web site to see how I did things. I wish everbody visiting this site a nice time and happy Mutting'

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34,95 Euro's excl. p&p.
See manuals pages for instructions and for the contens of the CD.