Ibanez TS808 series 1979-1981

Prior to the introduction of these pedals Ibanez (aka Maxon aka Nisshin) had a evolution into making good overdrives from the first OD850 into the OD855II and started using the same small box pedals with the new Q switch to fabricate the TS808 tubescreamer and some 6 other small boxed pedals like this (see folder).Around 1979 they changed this serie into the now legendary 808 serie which had a total of 12 different effects and regular size ,the TS808 being the most famous,guitarplayers tend to use this effect the most time its on and therefore is highest in demand. The details on these include ac feed 9 and 18 volt,r trademark signs,TS808 or TS-808 markings,chronological serialnumbers on bottomplate,the silent Q switch ,brandnames maxon and ibanez,the packingmaterial (box) has the same contruction as used today,small size paper included with instructions.


1979-1981 Ibanez overdrive pro TS-808 tubescreamer
1979-1981 Ibanez overdrive II OD-855
1979-1981 Ibanez overdrive OD-850
1979-1981 Ibanez compressor II CP-835
1979-1981 Ibanez flanger FL-301
1979-1981 Ibanez flanger de luxe FL301-DX
1979-1981 Ibanez phase tone PT-909
1979-1981 Ibanez analog delay AD-80
1979-1981 Ibanez parametric equalizer PQ-401
1979-1981 Ibanez graphic equalizer GE-601
1979-1981 Ibanez chorus (stereo) CS-505
1979-1981 Ibanez auto filter (autowah) AF-201