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Ibanez effectpedals.

Ibanez made loads of pedals from ca. 1974 up until now,they have a tendency to bring out new models every few years,these are made in the Nisshin factory under the Maxon label and exported as Ibanez pedals from Japan.They started out with a spaghetti logo and soon changed that to the modern logo at the end of the 70's.The 1979 -1981 TS808 tubescreamer and the 1981-1984 TS9 are most famous and plugging one in makes you understand why.Their other pedals have one thing in common : high quality made after mxr example and a great tone,their 9 series would be the ultimate in floor effects at around early to mid eighties.There are many guitarist and collectors that feel the 9 series is the ultimate stompbox series in sheer soundquality and build.

Here are some pics and some info on the early pedals.

The First Series 1972 - 1979.

The TS808 Series 1979 - 1982.

The TS9 Series 1982 - 1984.

The TS -L Series 1985-1987.

The TS10 series 1986-1992.

The TS5 soundtank series 1992-current.

The TS7 series 1999-current.

The Ibanez Rackeffects ca.1980 - current.

Between all this there are many multi effectsunits,classic series and LCD equiped series also the animal-named series (canary chorus etc) many reissue's (The TS9 reissue) and a lot of Ibanez branded pedals are also available under the maxon label ,in this century Maxon is also available outside of japan.