The TS10 series.


The 10 serie or power series was build like the L series the pedals are known for their relatively affordable pricing and good sounds althow there are that dont like some construction facts like the pcb mounted jacks and the batterycompartment,there are many more models then in the 9 series and the range had to compete with the trend of using 19 inch rack effects in the early 1990's,althow ibanez had a few very good rackeffects it never saw the same market like brands Rocktron and Roland,now if only they had chosen the name Ribanez that might have made a difference:)

The famous Stevie Ray Vaughan used the TS10 when it came out.

BE10 graphic bass equalizer
BP 10 bass compressor
CD10 delay champ
CP 10 compressor
DCF 10 digital chorus flanger
DCL 10 digital stereo chorus
DL 10 digital delay
DPL 10 pan delay
DS 10 distortion charger
DSC 10 digital chorus
FC 10 fat cat distortion
GE 10 graphic equalizer
LM7 (!) LA metal
MS 10 metal charger
MT 10 mostortion mos fet distortion
NB 10 noise buster
PC 10 prime dual chorus
PH 10 bimode phaser
SC 10 super stereo chorus
SF 10 swell flanger
SS 10 session man
TC 10 twin cam chorus
TS 10 tube screamer
WF 10 wah and fuzz
WH 10 wah wah
VL 10 volume pedal