The TS5 soundtank series.

Somehow the people of ibanez thought it was a good idea to make the floorpedals guitarplayers with size 45 boots would jump on off some height out of .....plastic! They also thought it was good idea to advertise with these pedals as tanks shooting other pedals in a fierce tankbattle ! These pedals are cheap,and most of them sound excellent ,however the plastic whimpy appearance did not appeal to many guitarplayer and with good reason : they break ! If they only had a engineer calculate the force a 100Kg weighing fiery player would have on a bit of hollow plastic the size of a icecreamcone they might have thought differently.Oddly enough there are some soundtanks found in metal casing ! Maybe the budget was low and the plastic seems a good idea as long as no one stomps on it to hard.The quality of the electronics degreed also,the place of production went from japan to korea and no doubt these plastic Bugs will someday be a cool collectors item,for now i never saw one guy do a gig with thes. Some winners are the EM5 and TS,if you feel one of these deserves the hidden talent price feel free to email the candidate.

AW 5 autowah
BC 5 bass chorus
BN 5 black noise distortion
BP 5 bass compressor
CD 5 cyberdrive
CM 5 classic metal
CP 5 compressor
CS 5 super chorus
DL 5 digital delay
EM 5 echo machine
FL 5 flanger
FZ 5 60's fuzz
MF 5 modern fusion
PH 5 phaser
PL 5 power lead
SP 5 slam punk
TM 5 trash metal
TS 5 tube screamer